For the students there are three options available for both Master’s and Ph.D.

There is the M.S. with thesis, M.S. non-thesis, which will include only theoretical classes, and a Ph.D. Also, there are a few departments that have the provision for a master’s degree only if you avail a thesis. Hence, we believe that the best possible option available for you to get a master’s degree is through a non-thesis route. Why we say so is because when you take up the non-thesis way, you will not have to do research. Also, industry does not demand any research credentials when you have an M.S. thesis.

It is also an issue of funding, and hence owing to the issue of funding, it is much easier to pursue a Ph.D. and also much cheaper when compared with M.S.

Depending on the area of study, the school location, the option that you have explored (thesis/non-thesis) the duration of the course will range from 1.5-3 years. For students planning to do a Ph.D., the duration spans from around 1.5-3 years.

We know that you have a muddled mind, so here is what we believe will be the best for you. Apply to a Ph.D. program, although you want a Master’s degree with a non-thesis.

Now applying to for a Ph.D. course will automatically create a very serious image of you on the applications committee. Also, it should be noted that any university and the professors make money themselves according to the number of students enrolling for Ph.D.

Also, when you are scrutinized (and make no mistake, once you apply for a Ph.D. program you will be grilled in-depth), and you do not meet the required lofty standards, there is a high possibility that owing to your seriousness you will be offered a master’s seat. (Also, if you have been rejected after you have applied for masters, you will have nowhere else to go).

Bear in mind that if you land up with an M.S. Minus any funding, after you have applied for Ph.D., it is very clear that the college does not want you. If you get a Master’s with proper funding after you have applied for a Ph.D., this deal is not bad, because during the course if you show good promise and potential chances are high you will make the transition to a Ph.D. program.

It may so happen that in the exuberance you get into a Ph.D. program, but soon find out that is a very draining process, you can easily drop down to a master’s level, without any hassle.

So, apply for a higher course, and then get noticed and then take your pick.