Master Student Guidelines – What is a Masters Degree?

Master Student Guidelines
Being a Master Student- Why Pursue the Masters Degree?
Study in the States – Why Pursue the Masters Degree from U.S?

Getting a masters degree and is not that easy. A master student goes through real tests and works really hard to get the much respected masters degree. However, before applying for the masters degree one should understand – What is a masters degree?

A masters program is a higher education pursued by students to gain mastery in the subject of their interest. Undoubtedly getting a bachelor’s degree is a real achievement, but getting your masters degree can really make a difference. Where a bachelor’s degree can get you into entry level jobs, but a masters degree can go a long way and help you get a respectable job.

Being a Master Student- Why Pursue the Masters Degree?

Most students who have completed their bachelor’s degree, want to know whether or not they should on and become a master student and pursue the masters degree. One hand they have the option to go for an entry level job and earn some money, on the other hand, they can wait a bit longer, spend some more dollars and go for a higher education.

The decision making process is indeed complicated. Before deciding on the masters degree, one needs to analyze whether or not the extra money and time spent for the degree is worth it.

To help students overcome the dilemma, we have listed the top reasons for pursuing the master’s degree.

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Following are the reasons to go ahead and complete your master’s degree-

Excel Intellectually as a Master Student

Getting your masters degree requires a lot of effort. Intellectual growth is one of the best things that can happen to a master student. At the bachelor’s level, students might have come across various subjects, but the master’s degree helps those students to specialize in the subject/field of their interest. However, these subjects will not be as easy as they were during your undergraduate days.

We have already explained What is a masters degree? From the definition, it quite obvious that students pursuing the degree are expected to gain mastery over their chosen subject, hence they should prepare themselves for challenging subjects, demanding schedule and hours of work in the laboratory. No doubt, it is going to take a heavy toll on you, but you will excel intellectually and make notable progress in your career. However, before choosing the university it is important to take a look at the graduate school rankings.

Get a Deeper Understanding

During the undergraduate years, students pursuing the bachelor’s degree come across different subjects, and gradually develop an interest in specific subjects. The level of interest often compels the students to specialize over the topic.

The course allows students to gain mastery over a particular subject as they conduct research independently, develop their own ideas, attend guest lectures, seminars, and even get one to one supervision from world-class professors. Students with a strong passion to pursue their academic interests can gain a deep understanding of the subject, and even become experts in the area of their interest.

Build Your Network

Your undergraduate days are all about studying, waking up late, meeting friends, and having a wonderful time. However, while pursuing your bachelor’s degree, you don’t get much of an opportunity to know people professionally, or build long term relations that can help you in your future endeavors.

But getting your masters degree is quite different – As a master student, you will be acquainted with the art of networking, dealing with people, and developing your interpersonal skills. The environment associated with a master level course will help you learn, develop and share knowledge.

Example- Students pursuing the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), get an overview of the theoretical aspects, but while pursuing the MBA (Master of Business Administration), they learn the presentation skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills and networking skills, essential to hold managerial positions. Therefore, getting your masters degree surely helps.

Shape Your Future

A masters degree shapes your intellectual ability, knowledge base, and develops as an individual. The knowledge that is imparted in the bachelor’s level is mostly theoretical, but a graduate level course has a professional outlook, and helps the students gain the right knowledge and skills required to jump into the careers of their choice.

For Example – MBA and MS students are preferred for higher level positions, that require employees to shoulder more responsibility. The degree holders have expertise in the specific fields, along with the set of skills required to excel professionally.

Note- Consider the graduate school rankings from authentic sources before deciding on a university.

Financial Reward for a Master Student

Undoubtedly, getting your masters degree will cost you a lot of dollars, but if you look at the return of your investment, doing masters is indeed a good option. Employees in the United States with a master’s degree earn an average annual salary of $55,000, whereas the employees with a bachelor’s degree earn an average annual salary of $42,000.

If you compare the annual salaries, then there is a clear difference of 30 percent in the average annual income. The 30 percent difference in salary can make a notable transformation in your lifestyle, and can reward you on a longer run.

A Master Student Learns from the Experts

Graduate schools have a perfect environment where students get to work with the best thinkers with rich expertise in the field of study. The panel of experts that play an influential role in shaping a student’s academic learning include – the skilled faculty, experts who educate through guest lectures, fellow graduate students, seniors, and alumni of that particular school.

These experts are up to date with the latest technologies, information and resources. The encounter can help you transform into a complete professional with abundant knowledge and expertise required to lead your field. Selecting graduate schools by considering the graduate school rankings can improve your learning as well as experience

Recognition & Respect

A masters degree will give you the knowledge, set of skills, financial stability and enhance your social respect and recognition on a whole. The advanced degree can make a big difference on your resume, and give you the much needed support to step up and lead a career changing experience.

There have been hundreds and thousands of individuals who have completed their master’s and gone on to contribute to their respective field of study, resulting in recognition worldwide.

Better Job Opportunities

A master’s degree from a renowned university can open a world of opportunities for master student. Most companies consider a master’s degree as a bare minimum for closing a higher position. Students who aspire to become managers or want to see themselves hold a higher position in administration must complete their master degree.

If you go back to the early 90’s- students who acquired a bachelor’s degree had a secured career and held respectable positions. In the late nineties or early 2000s, the applicants with a bachelor’s degree were not even considered for such positions. Therefore, the modern day competition has compelled the HR managers to enhance the job requirements. Thus, in order to be eligible for a respectable job in today’s world, a master’s degree is a must.

Note- By just understanding- What is a masters degree? And deciding to move on and gain expertize is not going to grant you success. A master student has to be prepared mentally and go through a lot of tests, in order to get pass the hurdles and proudly hold the masters degree in hand.

Study in the States – Why Pursue the Masters Degree from U.S?

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In order to study in the states, that to a masters degree – a student has to prepare early, plan ahead and complete all the application requirements.

Undoubtedly, as far as a master student is concerneda masters degree is considered as a milestone in his/her academic career, and students get a sense of completeness.

However, it is always advisable to complete your higher education from the best universities in USA, as an undergraduate degree is not enough to land you a high paying job.

Students wonder about the best institutions, or seek for the best universities from where they could pursue their masters. A few business oriented institutions come up with their deceiving advertisements and play a major role in misleading students.

Students should do their own research and choose the universities carefully. As per our research masters in US still remains one of the favorite destinations for scholars looking for graduate school education.

The following are the reasons- 

High Quality Education

The US education system is world-class and the quality of education provided in the best universities in USA is unparalleled. Accompanied by the world- class faculty, these institutions employ a unique style of learning, that is highly innovative and goes with the trend.

Masters in America can really transform your career. When you study in the states, you gain access to world class research facilities, industry connections and out of the box teaching methods, can go a long way in improving the overall knowledge and intellect of a student.

The Complete Approach

In most countries, a master’s degree revolves around theoretical classes, attending lectures, getting good scores and passing the examination in a span of one to two years.

But the masters degree in US primarily focuses on the complete development of a student, and getting a degree from the US is not as easy. It might take you two to two and half years to complete your master’s degree, but you will learn a lot more through internships, case studies, seminars etc. The practical education will enhance your understanding, help you get hands on experience and make you more productive for your future endeavors.

Hence, it entirely depends on you, whether you want to continue with the same old bookish education or run parallel with the changing trends and get a degree that really counts. Undoubtedly, master’s in America is a career changing option.

Cultural Diversity

The United States of America attracts students from all around the world. The best Universities in USA have a mix of Indian, Chinese, Japanese or even Africans, this adds to a global experience. Particularly during the graduate school education, students come across fellow mates with from different cultural background, locations and religion. This often opens their mind to different perspectives of life, culture, lifestyles and education.

A diverse environment helps students adapt to different circumstances and even add value to their global experience.


The best universities in USA are known for their advanced education, skilled faculty and world-class facilities for education. If you take a look at the graduate school rankings and consider the top 100 universities for graduate school education, more than 40 universities hail from the United States. The universities are ranked by taking various factors into consideration, like – quality education, placement, facilities, placements, infrastructure, environment etc.

Undoubtedly, the united states of America are known to be a land of opportunities and most international students understand the value of doing masters in US.

Respect and Recognition

The graduate school education, particularly higher education like masters in US (from the best universities in USA) is universally accepted in most countries. Most institutions around the world value and respect the U.S education and companies take great pride in hiring graduates who earned their degree in the U.S.

The superior educational system plays a major role in shaping the careers of scholars worldwide, and happens to be one of the popular reasons why international students are flooded every year to get a degree from the US.

Perfect Foundation for International Students

International students who plan to study in the states, can have some good opportunities. The U.S government led by Barack Obama has considered various steps to improve facilities for international students. Considering the fact that the growth of the US economy is a driving force behind attracting students from all over the world, steps have been taken to facilitate work for international students after completion of their graduate school education.

That’s not all, international students have access to the latest computers, advanced facilities, laboratories and get equal attention from the form the skilled faculty and staffs of respective universities.