Massachusetts Institute of Technology(Cambridge)

Location-  77 Massachumit engineeringsetts Avenue, Room 1-206 Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Massachusetts Institute of technology was founded in 1861 and for more than 150 years the institution has managed to maintain its standard and is relentless in providing the best education.

The application fee of Massachusetts Institute of Technology is $75 for both U.S residents as well as international students. The average GRE OLD (VERBAL) and the average GRE NEW (VERBAL) are 633 and 162 respectively. The average GRE OLD (QUANTITATIVE) is 761 and the average GRE NEW (QUANTITATIVE) is 167.The average GRE analytical writing score is around 4.3. Students applying for the esteemed University have a very good chance as the acceptance rate is 17.80%.The tuition fee is $46,400 for both IN-STATE and OUT-OF STATE.

The college offers several benefits for meritorious students like providing scholarships and fellowships. Forbes has ranked Massachusetts Institute of Technology amongst top 5 American universities.

School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA

School URL:

Acceptance Rate: 17.8%

Average GPA:  NA

Average GRE (Old):

Verbal– 6133

Quantitative– 761

Average GRE (New):

Verbal – 162

Quantitative– 167

Analytical Writing– 4.3

Application Fee:

US Resident– $75

International– $75

Tution Fee:

In-State– $46,400

Out Of State- $46,400


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA   PHD MS
  Aeronautics and Astronautics, Course XVI Dec-01 Dec-01
  Chemical Engineering, Course X Dec-01 Dec-01
  Chemistry, Course V  Dec-15 15-Dec-16
  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Course VI Dec-15 15-Dec-16
  Civil and Environmental Engineering, Course I Dec-15 15-Dec-16
  Nuclear Science and Engineering, Course XXII  Dec-15 15-Dec-16
  Physics, Course VIII Nov-15 15-Dec-16
  Materials Science and Engineering, Course III Dec-15 15-Dec-16
  Mechanical Engineering, Course II Dec-15 15-Dec-16
  Engineering Systems Division (ESD)  Dec-15 15-Dec-16
  Computational and Systems Biology (CSB) Dec-15 15-Dec-16
  Biological Engineering (BE), Course XX Dec-15 15-Dec-16