Maintaining the Status of the F-1 VISA

The first and essentially the most important requirement is to be a consistent performer in studies, and to keep the grades above the required level. Also, follow the regulations set by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
Maintaining the visa status means being on the right side of law, and complying with the status of the visa. It is always the right way forward with the student respecting the rules, as complying with them will only help them in the future, if they want to come back to pursue their career and work in the United States.

Hence, for students holding the F-1 and M-1 visa will have to follow these guidelines/requirements.:

  • Keep in mind the date which is mentioned and recorded by the school, and always try to enrol by that particular date.
  • Make sure to update any changes in the contact information or any changes in the course of study within ten days.
  • Never go for employment opportunities which is not ratified by the school or which is mentioned in your course.
  • Always keep the DSO informed about any changes that in the start and termination dates (both for F-1 and M-1 students).
  • Maintain the correct passport validity (for six months minimum)
  • And be very sure that no criminal records are registered against your name.

Also, as discussed earlier, students who have lost their status can apply for reinstatement by contacting the International Students Office at the educational institution.
Mentioned are the documents that need to be submitted for reinstatement:

  • Original SEVIS I-20 form
  • The financial documents
  • The personal statements of the individual students
  • The I-94 (Arrival/ Departure records)
  • The previous I-20 copies
  • The official letter prescribed by the Designated School Officer