While meeting all the criteria for the LOR, a candidate must remember to include the following LOR, from these categories and abide by the rules of confidentiality (if so stated), failing which he is likely to make himself a doubtful applicant, in the minds of the admissions committee.

  • If an applicant has a good number of years of work experience, but does not include a single LOR from his recent organization. He/she should always include a LOR from a supervisor/client /peer from his current organization or from some recent professional background. The Adcom understands this, that sometimes the consequences of telling your present supervisor about your future plans of joining another course, can put you in trouble, in such cases he/she should encompass, LORs from Clients or Peers. Otherwise, the schools start doubting on your intentions.
  • An applicant has exceptional undergraduate/ graduate grades and transcripts, but does not furnish a single faculty member's LOR, this again creates doubts in the minds of the admissions committee.
  • The LORs are confidential documents, which are stamped and sealed, only meant to be handed over and opened by the concerned admissions committee. The applicant, still is apprehensive about the contents of the LOR, ignores the instructions and views it. This creates a bad impression of him, and the admissions committee will appraise him likewise. Some schools have a “Waiver Statement”, which is to be enclosed along with the LORs, stating their confidential nature of the LOR or not and the applicant adhering to it and abiding by it or not.