An applicant who is working full-time in an organization, needs to have at least one LOR from his current organization, which will help the admissions committee to objectively evaluate him. For this, it is not always easy to get a LOR from the applicant’s direct reporting manager or supervisor. Sometimes it is risky, considering the career progression of the candidate. In such cases, it is always better to send a LOR from someone who has worked with him/her and at the same time, can appraise him credibly. The best persons here, would be the Clients, the applicant's peers and co-workers. Since most of these people, may not be persons with a good number of years of professional experience to assess the performance, the candidate should decide the correct recommenders to rate him, as the admissions officers would view and weigh their judgments of the candidate, in a similar way.

The topics about the candidate, the recommender (who is a client /peer or co-worker) should explain on the same areas of the candidate’s strengths, his nature and extent and professional relations with the said recommender, his developments from the past performances (if he knows this), his career progression etc. All other areas to cover in this type of LOR remains the same, as others.

Candidate - Mr. Amit Das, Education - Bachelor in Science in Physics, Chemistry and Electronics.

Work experience - 3 years with Polaris, started his career as Trainee, and then progressed there to Systems Engineer.

Senior Systems Analyst at Accenture, from last 2 and half years. GMAT Score - 750.

LOR from Peer / Co-worker.

I am very happy to recommend my friend, co-worker and mentor, Mr. Amit Das, for your Program. I have known Amit from the last eight years, from 2007, when we both joined the Bachelor of Science (Physics Honors) at Ravenshaw College in Cuttack, Orissa. Apart from his educational merits of being a top ranker, he is a person who has been a constant source of inspiration for many, with his vibrant, full of life attitude and a kind heart. Presently, he is working with me, at Accenture as a Senior System analyst.

I have done my Masters in Business Administration from the Xavier’s Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, and this is one of the reasons, I understand well, the demands and pressures of a B- school curriculum, and the applicant’s preparedness for it. Physics and Electronics need strong analytical and logical reasoning to excel. Amit topped in whole of Orissa, with distinction in it. I have seen him struggle and create an own place for himself, starting from our college days. He is a highly ambitious person and a self-starter, who firmly believes that nothing can come between him and success, if he has the right amount of dedication and perseverance to carry it forward. He worked part-time at the Local Pizza Counter, which helped him in continuing his studies. Always being a scholarship student, he was the first campus pick from the Ravenshaw College, by Polaris, for Trainee, at their Bangalore office. I was also selected. Amit has the right amount of maturity and decision making abilities, which I guess has catalyzed his success, even at a higher pace, than most of his colleagues. In a place like India, he excelled and was promoted within Polaris from Trainee to System Engineer and higher on, as I went on to do my MBA. He is always ready to ‘enlighten and give knowledge’ to anyone who is willing to take it. He is a team player with a different leadership style, where people will follow him blindly, and unquestionably. This came up, because of his promotion, he was deliberately placed in a position, where he had to supervise other employees, who were once his colleagues. But, amazingly this came as a much-awaited acceptance of Amit, as their lead. His latent management abilities where thus highlighted.

In these last two years, in Polaris, where we are again together, he is more than a friend to me, who keeps mentoring me, and suggesting me, ways to improve myself and my work. The amount of vision and forecast, Amit can make, in professional matters, technical adaptability etc. is worth taking a look. But, he is still the same humble person, who still remains intact in his roots, who still visits his village, in the hope of starting something big one day. Amit, in liason with a few funding from the NGOs at Orissa, has opened a small primary school in his hometown. A small start, he made and feels is necessary, for a developing new India, and the world, where Internet, is being aimed to be made available everywhere and for free. His view of the larger picture.

There is not a single element, a person’s need, for being successful, which is not present in Amit. I would surely help him accelerate his career, with a MBA, following which, he can justifiably, pursue the fulfillment of his short term and long term career and professional goals.

If your school counts on each of its students, who go on to become an outstanding alumnus, changing lives and changing the face of today’s millennia, it is certain, you will take Amit. I offer my full support to him. In case of any requirements, please reach me at +91-XXXXXXXXXX OR mail me at sudhir.chowdhury@mmmmm.com <mailto:sudhir.chowdhury@mmmmm.com>


Thanking You,

Sudhir Chowdhury, Project Manager,

Accenture India Pvt. Ltd.