“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.”- Gandhi.

Applicants who have an inner drive to fight or stand for a cause, need no further push, as their profile, would do all the ‘talk’ for them. The application also has to be justified by a LOR from an appropriate person, who can document, all the community works he has done. Since this area, is a slightly different from the rest of the LORs, the recommender chosen, should be one, who can well attest the candidate’s unique contributions to the society and whose words, the admissions committee can trust. These types of LORs, show the altruistic nature of the candidate, which can easily make him stand out and memorable, so the authors of these have to be wisely chosen. The significant area like other LORs here, is to cite specific areas of the candidate’s volunteering works with apt examples, without which the praise will lose its sheen.

Candidate - Annie Thomas,

Good academic background, completed a Bachelor of Commerce with Accountancy Honors and Working with State Bank of India from last 4 years, after clearing SBI Bank P.O Exams.

Member of YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) and Rotary Club of Patna.

Author- Honorary Secretary of Rotary Club of Patna, who is also a member of the YWCA.

I feel honored to write this recommendation letter for Ms. Annie Thomas, who is an epitome of righteousness, motivation and grace. My first association with Annie started was way back in 2006, when she was herself an intermediate student, when she had wanted to raise funds for her small orphanage. Annie has been raised by her paternal aunt, and most her childhood has been living in hostels, away from familial love and affection. Amidst these, she has always been a scholar, fiercely independent, knowing exactly what she wants from her life. Having suffered herself, Annie helped and rescued orphans, provided them with shelter first and then with the other basic necessities of life. She had her parent’s property which she converted to a smaller home, which welcomed anyone who was alone, didn’t have anywhere to go and care for. Soon, this place saw many other children, who were victims of either child labor or child trafficking. Annie stood by all of them, a pillar of strength and reassured them, the existence of their own fraternity, which boosts their morale and confidence, each single day.

I have known Annie for the past few years, have seen her as a disciplined and highly organized person, who knows her own priorities. Just to get YWCA’s and other NGO’s support for her cause, she used to volunteer for all the programs which we held, finding time from her packed banking job. The YWCA, has its name all over the globe. Annie, has been a pioneer in helping Widow Women, create their own place for themselves, with the support of the YWCA. She started this small task, by educating our members on this, the ‘what ifs’, if we were subject to the same fate tomorrow. Annie won the full confidence of the members, and finally the Widow Pension plan was proposed by YWCA to the state government. I have seen that Annie has the strength and conviction to make her dreams come true. This needs a great deal of dedication and commitment to follow.

Annie continued her State bank of India job, with being actively involved in organizations like Rotary, the Inner wheel and the YWCA. She worked tirelessly to improve the lives of the underprivileged sections of the society, be it children or adults. With her quenching thirst for serving the humanity, soon the orphanage, got enough support from many NGOs and each child at the home now, is well bred and is being educated. Apart from these, Annie takes special sessions to tutor the girls and boys on their Safety issues and educating them, when to raise their voice against abuse of any kind or injustice. It’s not surprising, when we will see, each member of the orphanage to be a self-sufficient individual.

I offer my full support to Annie, for pursuing her Business Administration degree. She is tenacious and has the full capacity to lead people. Having her in the classroom, will make a difference for sure.

In case of any questions, please feel free to call me at xxxxxxxxxx or reach me at Amira.hussain@mmmmm.com <mailto:Amira.hussain@mmmmm.com>

Thanking You,

Amira Husain,

Honorary Secretary - YWCA, Patna

Treasurer - Rotary Club of Patna.