For applicant’s who have professional experience, the schools expect at least one LOR from the current supervisor of the most recent organization he/she is working for. This makes the applicant in a better position, than his co-applicants who are applying to the same course to the same school/program. Sometimes, it may so happen that the candidate may feel, that making his supervisor/manager know about his future plans for joining the new course may disrupt his future progression in the company. For this reason, they cannot obtain a LOR from the supervisor. However, in such cases, he/she should try to get a LOR from someone else of the recent organization, like Clients or his peers. Whomever he chooses, should be in a good position to assess him and provide enough support in terms of time and efforts needed for writing a LOR. He should also be aware of the demands of the course he is applying to, in order to showcase him as a good fit with the program.

The Supervisor should describe in the LOR, the applicant’s specific strengths and attributes which have been notably affecting positively in his present role and the organization as a whole. He should go on to explain the length and breadth of his current designation, and how he/she goes above and beyond to meet his expectations and the company’s goals. Overall he should give a generalized idea about his/her personality, with a snapshot about ‘why he stands out’ among others, in the organization. Each citation of his strengths can be justified by anecdotes of the manager, while his interactions with him. The four basic traits of leadership, Teamwork, maturity, and innovation, which is considered as universally critical traits, should be explicitly put. Other characteristics of excellent interpersonal skills, motivation and ability to deal with a setback should also be highlighted. The applicants’ community profile or some entrepreneurial work, if the manager is aware of, can be penned here.

Lastly, the recommender should go ahead and endorse it (if he knows the candidate's reasons for joining the new course). For example - whether it is a gap fulfillment of his higher career goals etc.

Please refer to the LOR below, it is an example of a LOR written by a Supervisor/Manager.

Candidate - Reena Mohapatra, Education - B.E in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from KIITS, Bhubaneswar. Brilliant Educational record with a consistent track record of above 90 percent.

Work Experience- 1 year in TCS and from last 2 and half years at Infosys, Bangalore, posted as a Senior Software Engineer. Aim - applying for an MBA from Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

LOR from the Supervisor/Manager - Delivery head or Delivery Manager.

I am happy to recommend Reena Mohapatra, who has been working under me for the past 2 years at Infosys, as a Senior Software Engineer, at our headquarters in Bangalore in India. From the time, she has joined the organization, she has consistently maintained the quality and timelines, without fail.

Reena’s first major accomplishment was when she was working with the team and created a new system for the Indian Postal System, to organize their files and manuals. That is when her extraordinary analytical skills were unleashed, and I directly placed her, where I knew, she would perform brilliantly. The Indian Postal System had recently tied up with us, for the digitalization and updating of their old system. Most of the employees of the Postal department, lack basic knowledge of Computer, Reena was deputized, to work with them, train them and ensure smooth operations. For this, she was posted to the main Indian Postal Department Head Office in New Delhi. Very aptly, to my intuition, I rarely, had the need to visit to oversee the operations site. She dealt with this in absolutely amazing way, despite her young age. Thanks to her immense level of patience, ability to pay attention to minute details and the ‘never say die’ attitude. One should have the knowledge of the highest level of Documentation, these governments and Public Enterprises have, still Reena had the tenacity to achieve the necessary milestones. She is a highly organized woman, and only after my interactions with her, I came to realistically assess her and knew that she is a fast learner and a multitasker.

Reena is a real self-starter, who is disciplined with high motivation level. I think this is the reason, which helps her cut across the obstacles of all types, including the prejudice against women in a male dominated society. She always has a cheerful and friendly disposition and is always a supportive teammate, ready to help others at all times. Her dynamic personality was showcased, when she was on the BMW project. She is well conversant with French and German, which has been an added advantage for her. Also, as she can mingle well, with all kinds of cultures, she was sent to Germany, to the BMW office, for Training and development of its employees in the particular application. She has won the German employees there, as her friends for life. The feedback we received, has helped us add to our existing accounts with them.

The only area, which I have seen Reena, needs improvement is, she tends to be perfectionist all the time, ultimately being hard on herself and expecting too much of her own self. Fortunately, she has been improving with time.

I am certain she will be a bright student, the Stanford classroom is looking for. Our organization’s loss is your program’s gain. I fully support her. Please feel free to get in touch with me at Rahul.ssssssss@xxxx.com <mailto:Rahul.ssssssss@xxxx.com> via email or call me at +91-XXXXXXXXXX.


Mr.Kuldeep Kamineni,

Delivery Head,

Infosys, Bangalore, India.