“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.”

“If you want to learn about a culture, listen to the stories. If you want to change the culture, change the stories.”

Applicants, who have been exposed to varied cultures and geographies, either educationally or professionally, now wanting to further their education by studying at the international universities, are placed at a higher value than others without it. The candidates’ diverse set of attributes, his adaptability in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual scenario, are what makes him at a winning edge over others. This has to be captured in the LOR, for these candidates, who have international experience. Eventually, these chunks of candidates, would display characteristics of working, building, leading and managing people from across the globe, simultaneously being comfortable and strategically equipped with the necessary skills needed for the wellbeing of all employees in such an organizational set up. Thus, if a candidate has had an international /on-site experience, it is crucial, he gets a LOR for the same.

Candidate Profile-

Name - Raj Dash

Education - Master in Computer Application-MCA from KIITS, Bhubaneswar. With good academic background of above 80 percent throughout his career.

Work Experience - TCS, Kolkata as Engineer Trainee for 1 Year, Software Engineer for the next 2 year

On-site International Experience of 1 year in same TCS, Texas.

Aim- To get admissions into one of the top US B-Schools.

I feel proud to recommend Mr. Raj Dash, for his application into your business school at University of California, Davis. Being, a management graduate myself, from the IIM (Indian Institute of Management, Indore), I am adequately aware of the pressures and demands of a Business Curriculum. Raj has been our Employee from last 4 years, and my interactions with him are of about 3 years, from 2011, when he was promoted to a Team Lead. Thus, I feel well qualified to assess and evaluate his professional and personal attributes, as a fit for your school.

Raj has excellent analytical and logical/quantitative skills. He can quickly do complex mathematical problems, in less than a minute. His managers and peers at India, were soon awed by his techniques of solving problems. They compared him to Shakuntala Devi-The great mathematician. Within a short span of 2 years in India, the company has sent him to Texas, for projects under my supervision. This was the phase when TCS Master Craft (which is a set of software tools for IT Process Automation and Management), was being worked on. His knowledge and expertise in Java, C and C++ along with SQL, accelerated the whole project by leaps and bounds. I have seen him taking accountability for the delivery of the minutest detail on this project. He worked tirelessly for this, and finally we released it in June 2012.This system, reduced manual efforts, thus saving costs and enhancing productivity. Raj has been an inherent part of the ‘Products for Data Management’, out of the three packs of products. This is now being used by 800 companies worldwide. For his outstanding performance here, the company shifted him to get trained in SAP, for the fulfillment of his higher professional aspirations, as part of his career progression and development with TCS and also as he is a fast learner.

Raj has strong interpersonal and communication skills. One should have seen, how well he could make others and himself comfortable, when he was new to the US office. Apart from his language proficiencies in English, Hindi, Telugu, French, German and Oriya, he also is an excellent orator. Thanks to his, highly ambitious nature, that he can speak flawless in all the above languages as a native of that place, can. In the Recent TCS Awards in April 2015, he was awarded the Leadership award, for his amazing contribution he made, to TCS BaNCS, a software suite for core banking to be used by retail banks. Raj, as a Team Lead, motivated people and mentored them, to work towards the success of this. Finally the second version of this was released in September 2014.I have seen Raj ,listening patiently and solving the real time problems at the DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Company Private Ltd. (DPLI), who were the first implementing this bank software, in their financial services. He went beyond the Call of his duties, to fulfill the client’s needs and requirements.

To move higher up in his career, he wishes to pursue a MBA, which will align him specifically into the key demands of today’s corporate environment. For which, I offer him my strongest Recommendations. Please feel free to contact me, over mail or call me at my number.

Thanking You,

Venkat Narayan,

Delivery Head,

TCS,Texas, United States.