Mainly, the highest population of students who are applying to do a higher degree in the International Universities, are the students from the respective fields like B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) wanting to pursue a Masters or a B. A (Bachelor of Arts) or B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) or B. Com (Bachelor of Commerce), wanting to do higher degrees of Post-Graduation, or Postgraduates in the above fields enhancing their career options by pursuing a PhD. For candidates wanting to do an MBA from an international Business school, the likelihood of recent college graduates applying is higher, and for the ones who have a higher or advanced degrees or candidates which have a good number of years of work experience, the main areas to be highlighted in his application are his unique academic or analytical achievements. Whether it is the case of such applicants, who want to do an MBA or any applicant who already has a higher degree and still wants to further it, by any other higher degrees (may be same field or alternative fields), needs to submit a LOR, which gives a clear cut indication to the admissions committee, of his particular reasons behind, going for the course. For this, the author of the LOR, should be in an appropriate position to be able to reinforce this detail, well and aptly. The other points to take care, while writing these types of LORS, remains same as others.

Below is a LOR, written for a Candidate, who already has an advanced degree, and wants to go for an MBA now.

Candidate Profile:

Name - Nipa Mohapatra.

Education - Masters in Social Sciences from TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Hyderabad.

Working in UNICEF, from the last 4 years as Centre Head.

LOR for Nipa, from the Regional Head of UNICEF, for her MBA application.

It gives me a matter of immense pleasure and honor to write the Letter of Recommendation for my employee - Nipa Mohapatra, who is the most versatile lady employee I have ever seen, in my career of 15 years. I am the Regional Head of UNICEF for the East and South Branches. I know Nipa from last 4 years, when her first association with UNICEF started. She was recruited directly from TISS, as one of the brightest students on campus. Nipa, is a person who has a mind of her own, and knows exactly what she wants from her life. Her sole focus is to revive the lives of children of developing and under-developed nations, in every aspect of their life. Whether it is their living conditions, their education, their safety and their socialization, in the broader realm of life.

Way back in 2011, when the project -The girl star, started in India, I have seen her analytical and motivational skills blossoming fully. By the help of projections and other valuable in- house resources, Nipa devised plans and methods to reach out to the girls of the Rural and Urban India. The Project is all about the stories of girls of underprivileged or disadvantaged communities, who, after attaining education have the power to break through the socioeconomic constraints and to make themselves successful and self-reliant. The stories are captured in form of Films. These same films are shown to others, to ignite in them the same mindset and start building their lives. Nipa, left no stone unturned to telecasting these films to the remote village children, so that they can rise and look at life anew.

Working closely with Nipa, I have realized the success of more than half of UNICEF’s mission plans in the small states of Orissa and Bihar, was possible only because of the continuous dedication and unflinching support of the employees like her. She has a creative bent of mind, which made complex problems easier to be dealt and simpler solutions could be found. Her presentations and ideas were highly effective and the best part was it could be easily grasped by all. The Cartoons for Children’s Right, thus saw the light, with her initiative. These are a collection of short animated films, which show the International Children’s rights. The Child line, which was set-up in India, was a great reality, because of UNICEF’s attempt to deliver safety and a World where every child, breathes and lives freely, without any fear. To this end too, I have seen Nipa tirelessly working with the IT department and ‘real-life’ children. Listening patiently to their fears and concerns, to the morbid experiences they had witnessed. She has constantly been a source of inspiration for many.

One area, where Nipa needs to rectify is she is too much of a ‘perfectionist’, which demands a lot more of her than she possibly can. Fortunately, with continuous feedback sessions with her, she has improved with time and she is not that much, hard on herself, as she previously was.

I know about the rigorous curriculum, the international B Schools offer, to hone an individual holistically. From my experience, I am assured, that Nipa, can take and deliver what is expected from each of your students. During our campaigns for Child Abuse and Safety, I have seen her relentlessly working day and night, so that we can maximize our chances of reaching out to most of the children, I have seen her ‘going out of the way’ to meet deadlines. She is very sensitive to those around her, being a great team player, thereby and thus setting a positive example to those around her. She has an impeccable sense of integrity and selflessness of the work, she decides to dedicate herself into. Thus, she is an absolutely committed individual, who possesses all the requisites for leading an international organization in the future. She can bring to your classroom, a whole new set of outrageous experiences and learning. She wishes to pursue an MBA from your school, to realize her long term career aspirations of seeing herself, in an executive position in the ILO (International Labor Organization) and United Nations - other organizations. I offer her my full support.

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