Northwestern University Kellogg Essay Analysis


Kellogg Essay 1:

Leadership and teamwork are integral parts of the Kellogg experience. Describe a recent and meaningful time you were a leader. What challenges did you face, and what did you learn? (450 words)

Kellogg Essay 1 Explanation

The Admissions committee is asking for details of a leadership story through its behavioral essay framework. The focus on leadership and teamwork enables the admission committee to understand your future performance. In your approach to the essay, spend significant time in explaining the background of the leadership story and use the space to explain your actions, thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Given that the question specifically asks for a challenge, show how you triumphed over that difficulty and the lessons you learned from the situation. The challenge tests your leadership skills, so pick one that make great essay material, for instance, what was the impact of the challenge on your perspective?

Do not nervously show a weakness at this point, but use positives such as openness to receiving feedbacks and making the necessary improvements. The lessons learned and your changing perspectives will be the foundation for your leadership and teamwork skills. It is important to research about core values, which make up Kellogg’s culture when writing the essay. For instance, Kellog values teamwork, because team leadership shows maturity and people skills. Sensitivity to teamwork and collaboration are integral as skills of a leader when taking part in any activity. Remember, Kellog is asking for a single experience and not more.

From the essay, the admissions committee is limiting your professional settings, although you have the option of using your professional leadership experience. In your essay, begin with a description of the situation or problem you are responding to, before relating it to a group task and your responsibilities. What skills did you apply in motivating others towards a single direction? What influence and persuasion methods did you use? What were the results? What lessons about your leadership, collaboration, and influence capabilities were evident? Although not a requirement, imagining scenarios where you led a team because of your stature and the respect they have for you is more compelling as compared to leading by a title. Your title is not a fit because it fails to convey accurate exhibition of leadership responsibilities in a particular project.

Kellogg Essay 2

Pursuing an MBA is a catalyst for personal and professional growth. How have you grown in the past? How do you intend to grow at Kellogg? (450 words)

Kellogg Essay 2 Explanation

This classical question combines details of a career and personal essay to allow Kellog pick on a candidate with the ability to integrate personal and professional goals. This is your opportunity to show Kellog that you can serve the two sides of life. In your description, ensure your personal and professional growth relate to the MBA you are pursuing at Kellog. The resulting story should give the board an insight into your choice for Kellog’s MBA when alluded to your future goals. Research on Kellog’s program extensively, and give much thought to your aspirations after leaving Kellog.

The second prompt also requires an experience that shows growth in your personality over time. Since the board is not questioning your entire career, pick on one or two experiences to share. An effective example is one that details an entry into a low-level work position and progressing into management roles. However, make yourself open to considering something with more depth such as building leadership skills over time and personally investing in your career. Additionally, focus on your passions past the confines of your work that have led to personal growth. The opportunity allows you to project how Kellog will contribute to your growth path. 

Think of the specific instance you would like Kellog to know about and reflect on the growth you intend to achieve from Kellog. The question requests you to go past merely acquiring a skill, even though it may contribute to your response. How will you use the offerings of Kellog to gain a competitive advantage? How will Kellog’s MBA enable you to see opportunities when facing challenges? How will you turn an opportunity into a beautifully finished structure? How will you draw your emotional intelligence in leading collaboratively? Answering these questions will provide the right pointers for completing the essay.