Kelley Essay Analysis

Kelley Essay 1

Please discuss your immediate post-MBA professional goals. How will your professional experience, when combined with a Kelley MBA degree, allow you to achieve these goals? Should the short-term goals you have identified not materialize, what alternate career paths might you consider? (500 words)

Kelley Essay 1 Explanation

Consider your vision statement with a hint of specificity for your career goals, in answering this question. Give the committee something which speaks volumes about your interests and goals. The character count should get you going in, presenting your information, and getting out using a concise approach devoid of any collaboration. Next, the essay requires a demonstration of your interest in Kelley and its fit into your career goals. Keep these two goals in mind while answering the questions. Additionally, spend a considerable amount of time explaining your visionary plan for learning at the institution and the input the institution brings into your career path. Cite only the relevant career examples while referring to your professional and personal experiences. Include only information that describes your pivotal support for long-term goals. Give the committee an idea about what you want to pursue, not as an experimenter figuring out the careers they want to pursue while in college, but actually pursuing a career of interest.

Ensure that the goals you state to the committee are inspirational and achievable while detailing the specifics of why the MBA is a perfect fit for you. In answering the last part of the essay, ensure that the alternatives you identify link to your career goals. The alternative should be a goal that builds on your present experience. Note that the committee will automatically root out applicants whose alternative career goals do not line up with their interests. Give the committee a sense of your adaptability and strategic management skills in choosing your alternative career option. Moreover, ensure you stay informed in your career of interest and reflect on all the options you are presenting to the committee. Show the committee that you are resourceful in your thinking. Make rational choices in the expanded alternatives and consider how you can make a rapid change in such a case. Wrong educational choice results in dissatisfaction and student dropouts, meaning that an alternative change to another educational pathway should be one that does not waste educational resources. 

Kelley Essay 2

Please respond to one  of the following short essay prompts.  (300 words)

  • My greatest memory is...
  • I'm most afraid of...
  • My greatest challenge has been...
  • I'm most proud of...

Kelley Essay 2 Explanation

Picking on a prompt is an awesome way of kick starting your creativity. These prompts are topics, around which, you may be able to start noting down your ideas. Each of the prompts gives you something to focus on, without which you may wander off a particular tangent. Do not worry about your writing as an applicant, because good writing is a rewrite of bad writing. Reflect on the “so what factor” while choosing on a single prompt to write on. The questions to ask yourself may include; does your choice characterize your abilities and potential in contributing to the success of your next employer or does the essay prompt distinguish you? Pick on a prompt that ferrets out your uniqueness and brings out a value of your contributions to an organization. The “so what factor?” allows the committee to understand the concept of the prompts and their relation to your career. The positive action from the prompt should have a result attached to a metric.

 The prompt you choose should bring out an accomplishment relevant to your goals and germane to the type of goal that you seek. The clients you are selling to, and the program you seek will give you a prompt to focus on. Brainstorm and lay down a large arsenal but choose the subject you focus on judiciously in supporting your specific goals. Review the full scope of the experience, either professional or personal life aspects to identify the most memorable, definitive, and illustrative aspects of your life in picking out a prompt. Next, consider the metrics of each prompt and quantify them whenever possible. Resist the urge to blow out the prompts out of proportion, while leaving them measurable and verifiable. Key ingredients of each prompt include moral values, personality traits, and personal characteristics that