Judgement Day – Results Announced


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mba result

               “The effort is in your hands; the result is not”  

After the interview is over, stop worrying about the results as all is done the moment you walk out of the interview room. Sit, relax and spend some time in self-introspection regarding where your career is taking you and what would you like to do before you enter the classroom of your B-School.

Now if you are selected you should expect that Acceptance Letter sooner or later. When you receive it, we suggest you to firstly thank all the people who were supporting you during your struggle and then proceed for the next round of formalities.

But what if you are rejected?

Read the COLLMISSION mantra carefully and understand it.

You have the chance to get the School of your choice,
            But every School will not have the privilege to get you.

  Dear Aspirant,

You need to understand that Rome was not built in a day. Sometimes, even after all your hard work, you may end up on the losing side and not get what you wanted so badly. But having said so – quitting was never an option and this statement holds even more true when you are at the threshold of making a crucial decision of your career which would change your life 360 degree.

If you do not crack it in your first attempt, the earth is not going to face an apocalypse. So instead of holding yourself responsible, take charge of things that are in your control and let your future take its shape accordingly. Remember that you are special - in every way and in true sense. There is no body like you and we at COLLMISSION sincerely believe in the above mantra.

So the bottom-line is “Never give up ”

All the Best!!

The entire discussion has been summed up for your understanding in the diagram given below.




Exceptional cases

Applicant Initiated.

The interview can also be initiated by the applicants, and the schools normally agree to take the interview in advance. However, it has to be done at an earlier date much before round 1.

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