Iowa College of Engineering (Iowa)


Location- 4565 Memorial Union Ames, IA 50011-1130Iowa College of Engineering

Iowa State University was founded in 1847 which makes it the oldest university of Iowa. Located in the Midwestern United States, Iowa is often termed as the “American Heartland”. The educational model of the Iowa College of Engineering focuses primarily on the development of Objective Analysis and Synthesis, which ultimately boosts the level of professional competence.

The Application Fee of Iowa College of Engineering is $100 for International students and the Application Fee for US residents is $60. The average GPA is 3.4. The average GRE OLD (VERBAL) and the average GRE NEW (VERBAL) is 473 and 151 respectively. The average GRE OLD (QUANTITATIVE) is 728 and the average GRE NEW (QUANTITATIVE) is 161. The average GRE Analytical Writing score is around 3.54. The students who apply have a fair chance to get selected as the Acceptance Rate is 21.30%. If you are looking to get your degree at a lower Tuition Fee, then this is the target college with a nominal Tuition Fee, of $9,372 for IN-STATE and a considerable Tuition Fee of $22,250 for OUT OF STATE.

With the rich vein of experience, the skilled faculty is relentless in its effort to improve the standard of education and lay a strong foundation for the students.

School: Iowa College of Engineering ,Ames, IA

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Acceptance Rate: 21.30%

Average GPA: 3.4

Average GRE (Old):

                Verbal – 473

                Quantitative –728

Average GRE (New):

                Verbal – 151

                Quantitative –161

                Analytical Writing – 3.54

Application Fee:

                US Resident – $60

                International – $100


                In-State – $9,372

                Out of State - $22,250

Iowa College of Engineering , IA   PHD MS
  Mechanical Engineering 15-Jan 15-Jan
  Aerospace Engineering 01-Jan 01-Jan
  Electrical Engineering 15-Jan 15-Jan
  Chemical Engineering 01-Jan 01-Jan
  Environmental Engineering 01-Jan 01-Jan
  Civil Engineering 01-Jan 01-Jan
  Computer Engineering 15-Jan 15-Jan
  Material Engineering 01-Jan 01-Jan