Introduction to the Graduate School


Who does not wish to earn big? Who does not wish to excel? Who does not wish to be a leader?

If you are seeking for answers to these questions, attending graduate school should be an absolute no-brainer!

There are many aspirational students who  wish to make it big in life, and to carve out a niche for themselves. They have clearly identified their goals, and need hand-holding and proper grooming to take that decisive step that will enable them to get admission in the reputed graduate schools.

There are many theories floating around and we plan to decipher the right ones specially catered for you, which includes providing assistance right from identifying which courses are best suited for you, to identifying the different nuances of the application form. There are many unseen perks that can only be witnessed once you step into this whole new world.

Not everyone gets through, and here again we step in! Instead of hanging your head and feeling dejected we will enable you to think of other options ahead, identify the mistakes committed, and move forward with better preparation.

A step-by-step guide on what a graduate school is all about, how to get the information that you need, how to draft effective letters, how to write essays that attract attention and how to self-introspect and identify the best possible program for yourself.