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With the steady rise in the post-MBA salaries accompanied by the booming economy, there has been a great increase in demand for Business school. The level of competition has increased leaps and bounds and the rules of the business school applications have undergone considerable changes.

Advantage MBA

To find out, let us discuss the various motivating factors that have led, to increase in demand for MBA.

Financial Reward

Financial reward

For pursuing an MBA, you will have to spend thousands of dollars. So, it is important to know, the return on your investment. Students after passing MBA from top universities, get an average salary of $100,000 annually. So, you can just imagine how good amount of money you can earn after completing your MBA.

To understand the benefits as far as the larger picture is concerned, let us take an example.

The total expenses which shall be borne by a student If he/she completes his/her MBA (2 years) from US shall amount to 80,000 USD max including standard cost of living. That amounts to around 53 Lacs rupees in Indian Currency. Now the rate of interest in any top performing mutual funds is 15-20% on an average. Taking 15% as a safe side figure, the amount comes to Rs 7,95,000/- in two years which is 11,946.08 USD.

To understand it better let us have a look at the diagram.

After completion of an MBA from a good institution in US an average student gets a salary of around 100,000 USD annually, which is almost more than 9 times of the earnings from mutual funds in India.

It’s a real time jackpot achievable by the ones who dare to take up this challenge of studying in US.

You have the options. Choose wisely. Live well.

Intellectual  Challenge

intellectual challenge

Some scholars enjoy being challenged. If you want to test your level of intelligence, then MBA is the right option. While pursuing the course, you will come across various subjects like costing, managerial economics, marketing management, financial management etc. that will truly test your intellectual ability. If you are somebody who has the flair to be a jack of all trades and master of some i.e. your specialization then MBA is the field you should not miss out as it has got all the range of subjects which can be intellectually stimulating.

Personality   Development.

personality development

MBA is not all about academics, rather it shapes your entire personality, you will gain knowledge and most importantly soft skills, corporate etiquettes, and along with that, you will also develop other key skills, like interpersonal skills, leadership skills etc. In-short, you will be an individual whom people would look up to and emulate in their lives.

Professional Advancement

professional development

Some working professionals want to do an MBA, for their career advancement. Suppose, you are an executive, and you aspire to be a manager, but the lack of managerial skills hinders your dream of getting promoted to a manager. Hence, you should pursue an MBA program, which will help you in acquiring the skills, and then you can come back to the same company and can get placed in a higher position.


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