Introduction to graduate school research

Always cross the bridge when you have come to it. But in order to reach the bridge you will have to forecast the entire journey well in advance, consider all the hurdles and prepare accordingly. The eventual outcome matters and can only be attained if the path which leads to it will be monitored and researched upon with precise attention.

The ones who are successful leave nothing to chance, but are responsible for their own actions. They want to be accountable and accordingly go about the planning part.

Similarly before applying to any graduate school, an aspirant must be clear as to where the interests lie, and then act accordingly. As discussed earlier, the interests must be identified well in advance, preferably during the under-graduate years. Always be level-headed while deliberating and deciding. Ignore the many opinions that are strewn towards you, and decide what is best suited for you. There will be experts who will always try to pull you down by saying that getting admission into the Ivy-league colleges is difficult. We advise you to turn and walk away from them. Ignore the critics, it is not as difficult as they say. True, it is competitive out there, but then this is why we are urging you to research as much as possible.

Just because one school is ranked higher than the other does not mean it is better on all counts. Different schools have different strong departments and the choice boils down to which subject you are opting for. For instance, it is of paramount importance to know which schools offer research and which schools are more into teaching. Doing extensive research will reflect quite vividly on your application form (which we will discuss later), and sloppy knowledge will be easily exposed before the applications committee.

There is no fixed formula that will guarantee success, but there are uncountable factors that are as crucial. Research, we reiterate will help understand all such factors.

Here we have listed few broad points that will help the aspirants in drafting a blueprint and then pursuing their passion: