International Students Guidelines 

For the international students, when everything else is sorted out, there is another hurdle that needs to be crossed. The issue of dealing with the interviews which will be held outside the borders of the country, and this means that provisions will have to be made for dealing with foreign language, the issues of travelling (and the issue of jet-lag), and then are you ready to face bias that is bound to be directed towards you.

What if you are not very fluent in English (when speaking), chances are you will be face difficulties. In order to get over this, start conversing in English. Also, chances are that you might face a lot of difficulty in getting used to the accents, there is a huge disparity in the accents of both the countries. The best way to get over this is start watching a lot of American videos, and train yourself and your accent.

The issue cost hogs your mind next. Although many of the universities pay for your flight, what if you plan to visit multiple universities. Do not get too worked up. Universities often split the bill among themselves so that you dot face the brunt at all. A major problem which is not a problem after all!

Also, extrapolating from the previous point, the issue of travelling itself is very challenging more so if you are pursuing your under-graduate course, or if you are working. The interviews will take time, and hence you will have to either skip classes or miss office. Ideally this is not the choice you would have warranted for. Hence, make every possible effort to convince the universities that all your interviews are carried out during the same trip, so that you are spared of the trouble of travelling and missing your classes and office again.  Also, you could put in a request for a special interview. The provision of a tele-phone interview, or a video-call (Skype, etc.), can also be suggested of you convince the universities that make it on-site will be extremely difficult.

Now you have so far sorted out the issues of travelling and costs, we come to the issue of funding. It may dishearten a few, but there is one major disadvantage a foreign student may potentially face; the issue of funding and availing a scholarship. Many of the scholarships are available exclusively for students (read permanent residents) of that country. So the probability of you being rejected in the favor of any local candidate will be higher, because the department may have to pay for your stipend out of their accounts, and who wants to bleed financially. So, there is a greater chance your application could be rejected only because you are an international student, and your funding may not be properly sorted.

Even if there will be blatant deny that there is no racial discrimination and regional bias, let’s face the truth. There will be a group of retards who will speak and act just because they are hardwired with hatred. Hence, it is best just to ignore them and convince yourself that you are good, and that you are not here to liberate the thought of little polluted minds, but to give yourself a better career ahead.