Interacting with the Schools


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interacting with B-schools

Most business schools encourage candidates, to visit their campus. Before the admissions, when a candidate visits the school campus, it is generally perceived positively. This gives the admission authorities an impression that, the candidate is genuinely interested in their program.

During your visit, you can observe the general routine of students, and get a feel of the in-class experience. It will help you to imagine yourself, as a part of the community, where you will spend the next two years.

Through your campus visits, you get to learn a lot about the environment of the school, their culture, teaching methods, etc.

Interact with the schools -  What are the options?

You should visit the school campus, and interact with the Alumni, the students, and the professors.

You can also ask, for a one to one session, however, you need to respect their time. So, you should try to be brief with your queries.

What is Alumni?

Alumni, refers to the group of former students of the school, or, the group of students who have graduated from that particular school.

You can also interact with the school, if your application is shortlisted, and you are invited for the interview

Plan for the Campus Visit - Key points to consider

  • You need to hang out in common places like canteen, cafe, etc. In these places, you will get to interact with the students of the school, who can help you get the answers to your questions.
  • You can talk to the alumni, as they are the former students, and have rich experience regarding the culture, teaching methods, and the opportunities provided by the school.
  • You must demonstrate a professional approach, by arriving on time. The faculty of the business schools is thoroughly professional, and they expect the same from their future students. They are very busy people, and you should never keep them waiting. So, respecting their time is a must. You must use the opportunity, and gather as much information as possible.
  • Most importantly, when you visit a business school, with a hope to study in that particular school- You need to dress professionally. Your dressing matters, as it can strongly influence the initial impression. You should avoid wearing casuals, or jeans

Things to Avoid


Now that we have already discussed the things you should do, let us consider the things, which you need to avoid.

Don’t participate in the class.

Your sole purpose of the campus visit, should be based on getting the information relevant to your requirements. You are not supposed to participate in the class, as it will spoil the decorum of the class.

Avoid Silly Questions.

You should avoid silly questions, like, what is the class size? How many students get selected? What is the rank of the school?

These questions will create a negative impression, because these are basic questions. The admission officers might think- if the candidate is serious about getting admission, then he or she should have done the research on the basics. Asking silly and obvious questions, will make the admission officer feel that, you are careless, not serious, and wasting his or her valuable time.

You should rather use this opportunity, to ask intelligent questions.

Asking knowledgeable questions, will have a positive impact on the admission officers, and it will give them an impression that, you have really done your research, and genuinely interested to study in their school.

Avoid the second meeting.

When you visit the campus, you must be clear about what to ask. You must ensure that, you get the answers to all your questions, in the first meeting itself.

The college staffs have a busy schedule. They have to attend many visitors, and answer a lot of queries. You need to respect their time. It is advisable to take a note of the questions; you are willing to ask. If, you don’t get the answers to your questions, then it might be tough for you, to get an appointment for the next meeting

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