Identifying the subject

As explained and discussed earlier, ideally one would be advised to identify the subjects and the interests. It is but natural for students to be worked up while drawing any such conclusion, and hence we advise to think it out carefully, contemplate on the different issues of the subject, and gauge the potential career opportunities. An ideal time when this process should start is during the under-graduate days, when different subjects are to be studied, and hence the affinity towards a particular subject will grow. Also another factor that could be considered is the career one plans to enter. As discussed earlier, graduate programs are primarily of three types – Masters, Specialized and Doctorate. Hence the identification of the subject becomes all the more important. Another important chord that should be considered, are the specifics of each program – namely how comprehensive they are, what are the career opportunities and the percent of dropouts. Do not be rigid about your preferences. Be flexible enough to consider different programs before taking a final call.