The U.S Visa Process is Lengthy - How to Prepare


There are lots of candidates, which apply to the US universities for the getting quality education, for which they are bound to get a US study VISA, but all of them are not able to make through the process as they don’t know from where to start. Let us see what you need to do for getting started for a US study VISA.

First and foremost, you must have a valid I-20, which is issued after you get an admission into the selected school for which you had applied and provided all your paperwork including showing certified available finances. Once your chosen college completes its admission process, your name and other important information are forwarded for entry into the database of U.S government, popularly known as student and exchange visitor information system (SEVIS). This database compiles your information and sends a copy of it in a .pdf format to your respective school, which is then forwarded to you.

You should ensure all the information in the I-20 to be correct, such as, spelling of your name must be similar as in your passport, your date of birth program of study, reporting date, completion date. You should also ensure that it is signed by the school official. There is a chance of VISA denial if the consular officer finds that there are errors in your I-20, even if it’s a minor one. One more common problem with I-20 is the correct estimate of the reporting dates as if the consular finds that the reporting date is already over or there is not enough time then he might reject it straight away.

With a valid I-20 you are ready to apply for the US student VISA.

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