How to go about preparing the J-1 Application Packet

Two things must always be in your psyche, when you are in the purpose of preparing the J-1 application packet for the United States consulate - what about your J-1 experience and how will you go about it, and secondly what is the tentative date of your departure from the US.

Also, if in the near-future there is any plan of coming back to the United States, do make a mention of it, as once this motive is known, getting a J-1 visa becomes easier. The application process kicks off with the on-line completion of the DS-160, which is the Non-immigrant Visa Application form. Bear in mind that the American consular offices are concerned about your plans in the future, and also about your intention to go back home to your home country.

And then sort out all the documents required to apply for the J-1 Application, namely the DS-2019 form, the I-901 SEVIS payment receipt, the receipt for the machine-readable visa paid in the home country, and an official letter of recommendation from your J-1 sponsors.

The J-sponsor should be competent enough to handle the financial aspects, and if you have been funded by your parents or anyone back home, you should have all the necessary documents as a proof, which will include bank statements, credit card details etc. Also, attach details of your connections to your home country, for instance any proof of real estate, or any business set-up etc. Also, if there are options available make sure to mention about the job opportunities that are available back home, and that the degree that you will be earning here in the United States has takers in the industry back home.