How to Get US Study VISA


The process of getting a study VISA of US is quite different from that of tourist VISA, as tourist VISA has a condition of stay of shorter duration, but the study VISA has longer duration's. So there are many aspects that need to be considered to ensure that you obtain a Study VISA successfully.

Let us go through the processes involved for US VISA.

The first process is to apply for and receive a non-immigrant F-1 student VISA from the consulate or the embassy of the united states. Right at the beginning of the visa process you must have a Form I-20 certificate of Eligibility for non-immigration. This form is generated by the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). This certifies that you have been admitted to an educational institution, and that you are expected to pursue a full-time course. Also, this form endorses that you are financially secure to pursue both your lifestyle and studies in the United States. This form is an absolute must to obtain the F1 student visa from the consulate or the embassy of the United States.

How to obtain this I-20 form

In order to obtain this form, an aspirant must apply to either a language or a degree program from any accredited institution.

Also, the application to a degree or a language program must be duly filled and completed and along with the fees must be submitted to the Admissions Department. Make a mention of the face that you are aspiring to be an F-1 student.

The scores obtained in TOEFLIELTS, or other exams like SAT might be required for the non-native English speakers.

Transcripts of high schools and colleges may be asked for to be submitted for review.

Always be in close contact with both the institution and the Admissions counsellor to erase any doubts that might creep in during the process.

Once this hurdle is cleared, in order to receive the SEVIS I-20 form, there are a few more steps to be taken.

The designated school official or the DSO might still ask for:

  • A copy of your passport.
  • An affidavit notifying your support and financial backing.
  • The proof that you have been enrolled in a particular institution into any language degree.
  • Few biographical information may also be needed.

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