How to apply for the need-based aid

The federal government in the United States does provide to around 67 per cent of all aid which is awarded. The FAFSA, aid process etc. is managed by the Department of Education, United States. Also, the different states (depends your college is in which state) will also provide further support.

Thus, as is pretty clear from the discussions the FAFSA is in many ways your savior as it is one crucial mechanism through which you can receive your need-based aid. Just pick up a FAFSA from the guidance office, even if you are not very sure of making the cut, and fill your financial data for the year and submit it as per the college deadlines or according to the state scholarship deadlines. After around two weeks or maybe a month after the submission of the form, you will receive a summary of the FAFSA information which is called the SAR or the Student Aid Report. This report will provide you with EFC and will also permit you to make little corrections if so be the need for the data which you have already submitted.