There is an admission committee that reviews the applications. An application is reviewed both the particular department and the graduate school. However, in many cases when the department is one of the best in a particular school and has considerable clout, all the major decisions are taken by them; the graduate office mainly looks after the administrative process. Likewise, if the school is a reputed one, the initial parameters and required standards set may be considerably higher than the department itself. However, if there is any bone of contention and a clash of opinions, the graduate school calls the final shots.

There are different evaluation stages – the initial screening and the final screening for students who have made the cut and have qualified. The nitty-gritties differ fir each school, and it is imperative that the applicants strike the right balance, as is the fact that you have so far only because you have decided to embark on this journey and that you have identified a career for yourself.

The admission committee formulates roughly three lists after circulating the application between different departments: Accepted Applicants, Alternate Applicants. Often, in many cases the admission committee proposes few recommendations, and the aspirants are notified if there are any developments. Any information about notifying the aspirants about admission schedules is put up on the website or on the notice-boards of the respective schools. Hence, it is advisable that you be in contact with the recruiter during such times.