Million Dollar Question- How do I push for my selection?


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what can i showcase

You would love to see this stamp on your college admission letter Right? 


Before you project yourself as a right candidate, you must learn the ways, in which you can differentiate yourself.

In simple terms, you need to showcase your attributes.

What can an aspirant showcase?

  • You can showcase, your GPA. A GPA, of above 3.5 is considered as excellent.
  • Your class ranking.
  • You can say, I was the university topper during my graduation, or I was ranked 7th, in the list of the top 10 scholars.
  • Caliber/ranking/potential/brand image of the university you are currently studying in.

It matters, because a student from MIT, with a GPA of 3.4, will be preferred over a student, who comes from an ordinary university, having a GPA of 3.7.The notion is that since the first person is from a very renowned university, chances are that he is a very good candidate to successfully complete the program.

Academic Awards.

academic award

If you have received awards for your academic excellence, then it's worth mentioning. If suppose you have won any national or state level academic scholarships or you participated in some literary completion of repute, then you can show it to make your case strong for consideration.

Special Circumstances.

If, you have come across a few challenging circumstances, tough situations in life, and managed to come up, or in other words, if you have managed to cross all resistances, and completed your grades, Then, these situations can be considered by the admission authorities.



A strong GMAT score will clearly differentiate you, from the average applicants.

Student’s Dilemma I have already taken my GMAT, and the score is not strong enough. What do I do?

You can take multiple GMAT tests. If you take the GMAT a number of times, and your score notably improves with each attempt, then it is considered as a positive.

International students, whose 1st language is not English, are required to take TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language). Your TOEFL score is another parameter, that will help you to differentiate yourself, from your competitors.

Collmission Tip - You can also consider taking supplementary courses to enhance your candidacy.

Common Mistakes and Misunderstanding of Facts

Most candidates make the mistake, of considering irrelevant achievements as academic accomplishments.

common mistakes

What cannot be considered as academic accomplishments?

For Example,

You cannot consider, your computer skills as a part of your academic accomplishments. Similarly, the internal training received by you in a company, for which you worked previously, cannot be taken into consideration.

Suppose, you are a black belt, it can be considered as a great extracurricular achievement, made in sports. Similarly, your six sigma ratings, etc., cannot be considered as an academic accomplishment.

Professional Accomplishments.

A resume will highlight, all your professional accomplishments, like roles and responsibilities, initiatives, promotions etc.

The recommendation letters written by your reporting manager, or supervisor, will demonstrate relevant details about your professional life.

The colleges normally ask you to write essays, relating to your professional life. They may ask you Questions relating to your career goals, professional achievements, etc.  This gives you an opportunity, to showcase your professional accomplishments.

Before you write about your professional accomplishments, there are certain aspects which you need to consider, like-

Your jobs, the roles and responsibilities, promotions, and additional responsibilities taken.

How can you demonstrate your additional responsibilities?

Let us try and understand with the help of an example-

You can say something like -

While I was working for XYZ company, I was hired as a content writer. Previously, I had relevant experience in human resource recruitment. So, when my employer asked me to take up additional responsibilities, I gladly took up the work of recruiting employees for the company, during my leisure time.

Expert Advice: MBA is all about interpersonal skills, interaction, communication, etc., Hence, your people skills are more important, than your quantitative skills.

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