Graduate School Application Requirements

Graduate School Application

Academic Records
Standardized Tests
English Proficiency Tests
Different Tests
Work Experience Details
Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School
Statement of Purpose
Financial Aid
Graduate School Application- It’s Role in Admissions Decision
Reveal Your Achievements Through Your Graduate School Application
For Doctoral Programs – How to Prove You Can Handle Research Projects?
How Can You Make the Best Use of Your Research Project Works?

Academic Records

Your academic records are the most important requirement for your graduate school application, and plays a major role in securing an admission abroad. Most schools oblige you to have a decent academic record, particularly for projects and courses related to your desired doctoral degree. Every college has its own particular least prerequisite for its projects, which are adaptable relying upon the candidate’s profile.

When it comes to the graduate school application, colleges in the USA have their own stamping and assessment frameworks, which are extensively unique in relation to the Indian framework. They take after the GPA (Grade Point Average) framework which depends on the 5 focuses plan – A, B, C, D and F.

it is prudent not to change over your imprints in the Indian arrangement of evaluating to the American Grade Point Average framework or some other framework since the transformation may not be precise. You may join an informative note from your school to demonstrate your rank in your class and/or college. The letter may likewise demonstrate your relative spot in the class and the college, alongside the number of students in the class and the number students in the college. You may likewise give whatever other data or records that you feel may help you in the affirmation procedure.

While submitting the graduate school application, students applying for Graduate courses (MBA, MS and so on) are required to present an official transcript (mark-sheets) from every school or college that they have gone to, with complete points of interest of the subjects/credits required (for every year) and different subtle elements like correspondence courses, recognitions and so forth. Most colleges request the transcript (mark-sheets) to be fixed in an envelope and marked and bore witness to over the seal by the enlistment centre. This technique is to be accomplished for every single school that you have gone to. A few colleges may request more than one duplicate of the transcript.

On the off chance that the transcripts are in a dialect other than English, they should be translated into English just by the issuing power or college.

The following decide your admission and judge your fit for the graduate programs. These factors can really strengthen your graduate school application.

Standardized Tests

Numerous Courses and Universities in the US oblige you to take one of the state-sanctioned tests like GRE, GMAT alongside English Proficiency tests like TOEFL, TWE, and TSE. Your performance during the tests determine the quality of your graduate school application.

English Proficiency Tests


This test is vital on the off chance that you expect to apply for a Teaching Assistantship. Despite the fact that numerous colleges don’t say it, however, it is prudent to take this test on the off chance that you are searching for a Teaching Assistantship.


The TOEFL is one of the prime requirements for international students, and need to submitted while sending the graduate school application.
This test is compulsory for International students applying to a Graduate course or University in the US. The base score required by most colleges for confirmation is 570 (Paper-based test) and 230 (Computer-based test).

Different Tests

Different fields oblige you to take certain standardized tests for admission, and there is a bare minimum score that you need to score in those tests in order to send a strong graduate school application and get admitted to those colleges:

The different tests are:
USMLE: For Admission to Medical Colleges.
GMAT: For Graduate Courses in Management.
LSAT: For Admissions to Law Schools.
GRE: For Graduate Courses in fields other than Management.

Work Experience Details

Various expert and professional courses require pertinent work experience. Case in point, numerous MBAs or expert’s courses in data thinks about requiring no less than two or three years’ work experience. Most Australian colleges are really strict about this.

A point by point Résumé is a vital piece of your graduate school application. It ought to incorporate all data of expert work experience alongside the points of interest like positions held, accomplishments and scope of work.

Letter of Recommendation

The recommendation letter for graduate school adds a sense of authenticity to your graduate school application. Recommendation letter for graduate school or proposal letters have an imperative impact in your admission, particularly in courses related to the expert’s or doctoral degree. A proposal letter is a marked explanation from a man, who knows you well professionally or has taught you in a subject that is identified with the course you are applying to. It ought to list your positive and negative qualities, and other such data.

The recommender who is writing the recommendation letter for graduate school, must show his position, to what extent he/she has known the candidate and in what limit. He/she ought to quickly talk about the need, significance and handiness of the study the candidate proposes to attempt. Instructors are generally requested that rank candidates in their letters of suggestion, which helps affirmation officers to translate the scholarly certifications of remote students. Students ought to acquire the recommendation letter for graduate school (frequently on the recommended shapes sent by the organizations) from instructors who know them as a man and additionally a student. You may get a kick out of the chance to ask for your recommender to give solid cases that may demonstrate your qualities and help your case.

Numerous colleges have their own configuration and inquiries that must be replied by the individual who is giving the letter of proposal for your sake. Letters, which don’t give enough data, can endanger a hopeful’s odds of determination.

Statement of purpose

The individual articles and statement of purpose assume a vital part during the time spent assessing your application for both admission and in addition money related guide, since it gives the workforce evaluating your application their most noteworthy impression of you as a person. This area is the way to recognize your application from other appropriate applicants and an opportunity to market yourself.

An individual explanation to explain the reasons behind picking a specific course, the appropriateness of your training and experience for the picked course, your own advantages, and profession objectives. The statement of purpose should be clear, to the point and must sound authentic.

Some courses like Business school courses will have their own exposition inquiries and configuration. Others may request a résumé or purposes behind applying to that specific course.

Financial Aid

You should present a financial aid application, in the event that you seek money related help for your graduate studies in a US college. Financial help for non-US nationals is extremely short.

The confirmation of financial backing is required by colleges to issue the archives required for visa application. In spite of the fact that it is a necessity for application, it is typically not mulled over into elements that decide confirmation. Most colleges settle on their affirmation choices without respect for the source and measure of financial backing.

You would be required to submit documentation of your family’s money related assets to help schools evaluate your need. The majority of the colleges have their own particular monetary guide structure, which you would need to finish.

You would likewise be required to present a bank statement explaining your monetary ability to bolster your instruction in the US. Some US state foundations offer educational cost waivers to global students consequently for some sort of instructive commitment.


interviews getting regular in the US admission procedure. A couple of colleges may take your meeting to know you better. The interview can be conducted with school agent or “outsider” delegates, staff, personnel or graduated class of the school or just a telephonic meeting. These meetings are normally casual and a greater amount of a chance to trade data. The questioner will attempt to judge your capacities and interests.

NOTE- The above discussed components of a graduate school application can really decide the selection and rejection of a candidate.

Graduate School Application- It’s Role in Admissions Decision

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How Does the Admission Committee Judge the Graduate School Application to Admit Students?

Admission committee members go through each graduate school application thoughtfully, keeping the priorities and goals of the universities in mind. The material that you submit through your graduate school application will be read by the admission committees of different universities, and you need to give them a strong reason to admit you. Except those public or private universities, most decisions on admission are not based on any entrance exam or numerical formulas. In fact, admission committee try to examine the applicants behind the paperwork, and want to know-If, that is the “real you.” They will check your documents and the achievements made in your secondary school, Essays and personal statements, Standardized tests, Letters of recommendation, Activities and special talents, English proficiency etc., all of which sum up to be a part of your graduate school application.

The qualification certificates, the recommendation letters etc., determine the decision making process of the admission committee and based on those credentials, they decide on the applicants. All these credentials play an influential role in the admission process associated with the doctoral programs.

Reveal Your Achievements Through Your Graduate School Application

Your secondary school academic achievement is the most important part of your application. Keeping the perspective of your school in mind, the admission committee reviews your performance and evaluates the set of courses you pursued through your graduate school application. May it be the American-style courses, International Baccalaureate classes, or educational system in your home country. Your academic intellect on the courses that you have taken in your school will be also considered by Admission committee. Students who had challenged themselves to the best of their ability will grab the interest of the admission committee. They will try to evaluate the fit between their university programs and your academic background.

Standardized Tests


Along with your graduate school application, the colleges also require you to your Standardized tests scores like the GRE, IELTS, etc. can provide an idea about your intellectual intelligence to the admission committees, and help them evaluate the aptitudes and skills of those students who come from different schools with different academic background having a common set of goals.

Letters of Recommendation & the Essays

Letter of recommendation of student

Letter of recommendation and application essays are very important parts of your graduate school application. In case you don’t get a chance to appear for the interview or visit the universities in which you are interested, your application essays will help the admission committee, fully understand your perspective on life, your personality, along with your skills and interests. Recommendation letter and essays should disclose more about your goals, interests, thoughts, and qualities as an individual and represent yourself as a potential member of the college’s community.

The recommendation letters provide imperative insights about your contributions to your school and your academic abilities. Make sure these letters or recommendation should be written by only those who can attest to your qualifications, and who know you well. You might ask the college counsellors, teachers, and even employers to write your recommendation letter. Tell them a brief summary of your accomplishments, and what you plan to study in that particular university. If you don’t want your application to be delayed, then ask them to get the recommendation done before the deadline.

Proficiency in English

English Proficiency

In the event that your first language is not English, most schools and colleges will request that you to demonstrate your capacity to read and write in English to guarantee your English abilities won’t be an obstruction to your prosperity as an understudy. Your language capabilities will be pondered through a few sections of the graduate school application, however, most American schools and colleges will ask you to take the IELTS or TOEFL.

In the event that you feel your English abilities aren’t in the same class as they should be, don’t be demoralized. Your scores will enhance with incessant use and steady practice. A college may even now concede you, in spite of the fact that you might be required to get extra dialect preparing and rehearse before you’re permitted to seek after a full course plan. That extra preparing might be given by the college.

IELTS test and TOEFL test are one of the extensively used tests for accessing your English proficiency, and it is required by many universities and graduate colleges. If you are planning to give a test, then take it soon.

Special Talents, Activities and Interests

A check of your participation in school activities helps members of the admission committees to understand, how you might contribute to activities, organizations, and teams on the school campus and how you spend time outside of the classroom.

You graduate school application must give information to universities about the special talent and ability you have; like in music, sports, athletics, art, debate, theatre, or a similar area. Send your portfolio to universities in the form of media or CD that showcase your exceptional accomplishments and ability. However, always make sure with the university-firm policies about submitting additional materials. Make sure that all such materials that envoy your best work and a glimpse of your ability and talent should be there in your portfolio.

American universities actively support international students from other countries to apply for admissions, by valuing their contributions to their college community.

Inside the Admission Committee

Doctoral projects are one of the major parts of higher education, where admission related decisions are made without affirmations of expert admission professionals. A group of faculty members meets different departments, in order to decide whom to admit for the doctoral program. Also, their decisions viably decide the future of the faculty relating to higher education. Judges, Politicians, Journalists, students and their parents subject the policies of admissions of undergraduate schools and graduate schools to significant examination, with much open level headed discussion over suitable criteria. But the topic of who gets into doctoral programs has escaped much discussion.

In tough times, the doctoral program receives less financial support meaning research assistantship and teaching assistantship to offer. During economic recessions, a number of students apply for the reduced number of seats, available in doctoral programs. Therefore, it is necessary that you must apply for a maximum number of doctoral programs during your admission. You can be admitted to any university, may be in that university which admits only one or two students a year from a pool of hundreds of highly qualified students.

Plan Your Admission Application Well

You can send application of doctoral programs as many times as you can bear the expenditure of the graduate school application. As university fee for doctoral programs vary from hundreds of dollars or even more, so it will be better to develop a budget before applying to any doctoral program. Make sure that in your budget, you have included your admission fees, in case, get admission in any university. Because in private universities, doctoral program, fees are huge. Thus, before applying, thoroughly read the admission application.

All admission decisions on doctoral programs are made by tenured professors of the department. More than two dozen professors will together decide who to admit for the particular doctoral program. They do meet on weekends, in their conference room. All the completed graduate school application by students is assembled by the department secretary with all the materials like transcripts, application letters, recommendation letters, test score, personal statements etc. Statistical sheets are given to professors on which they summarize the student’s test scores and grades. The process of admission for doctoral program is controlled by the academic department of the university.

If you have completed your graduate school application, then always send it through the certified mail. After a week, follow up with the department secretary about your application, if they say that they have not received your application. You can send them a copy of your application. You will not be admitted by them until they receive all the documents of your application. After receiving the required materials, they declare that your application is complete and is ready for further proceedings. Make sure you have applied before the deadline.

For Doctoral Programs – How to Prove You Can Handle Research Projects?

Handle Research Projects in PhD

For getting admission in a doctoral program, it is crucial to exhibit your capability of carrying out commendable work during research projects. At the time of application for the doctoral program, academic admission committee wants evidence that not only can you carry research in any field and laboratory, but you also have the ability to write articles and books that can be published after being reviewed by peers. Your ability to conduct research and publish it, is the most important factor that can land you in the doctoral program.

Many students with good grades and test scores leave their doctoral degree in the middle because of their inability to conduct research and produce results. Such students are good in memorizing things, but during the time of examination, they struggle with their research. Even the brightest students may not have the ability to conduct research. So, if you can prove that you have the capability to conduct quality research that can easily be published, then you have better chance of securing an admission into the doctoral program of your choice.

To prove that you can conduct research, you can take help from the following steps:

  1. While submitting a graduate school application for the doctoral program, complete the senior undergraduate thesis and include a copy of this draft.
  2. If you have undergraduate research papers, then do include them with your application.
  3. Work on conference paper or on an article with the professor and get your name included in the published material as a co-author.
  4. Help professors or graduate students by working with them in a research lab.
  5. Write down master degree thesis.
  6. Write thesis proposal.

How Can You Make the Best Use of Your Research Project Works?

It will be helpful for you, if you work with the faculty members or professors on a research article or journal. Having your name listed in the article as a co-author can help you a lot while applying for the doctoral program. There are many students, who do not know much about the given research field, and so they opt to make their contribution by writing the paper. But, such students can make their contribution by helping professors as their research assistants and look up the research related stuff in the library, making a statistical table or typing a draft of the research paper.

Academic research is conducted on the basis of the team, and as it is in the field of science, there are a number of author’s name listed for a single research article or book. Everyone has their little contribution while writing a research paper. The first author is the lead author and the undergraduate assistances are always listed in the last. This thing occurs mostly at art colleges without graduate schools. In such colleges, those professors who are in the research field, invite undergraduate students to help them in their research work as their research assistants.

Working in some sort or research lab, like in science lab or psychology lab in your college campus can be more beneficial to you. You can help the professors and graduate students with their research work by conducting minor research activities like putting tabulation response in tables. Make sure that you have written something in your application about what sort of work you do in a research lab, who supervises your lab work, etc. Write about the faculty member/s, who can probably write your recommendation letter while applying for doctoral programs.