Your biggest dilemma-which test should I take? Top business schools accept GRE. Has GMAT has lost its charm? After, ample research- the Graduate Management Admission Council concluded that, the GMAT is good enough for the present scenario.

Top business schools of the united states prefer the GMAT score.if you are planning to get into any business schools in the united states the it is the the foremost step you should consider.This exam tests your verbal, quantitative as well as your reasoning skills,which most of the business schools want, their candidate to posses.

Blueprint of the GMAT question paper

Integrated Reasoning

Since June 2012 the GMAT has included a new section called the integrated reasoning. Now, GMAT takes advantage of the computer system, as the paper based questions have made way for online tests.
Types of questions

  • The questions will be presented in various formats. The question paper will consist of diagrams, spreadsheets, product prices, business case studies, and an applicant will be asked to study them and provide business solutions.
  • Applicants will have to make proper use of time, and answer the section in 30 minutes.
  • You don’t have to master Microsoft Excel – this section needs you to analyze the relevant data and draw logical conclusions.