George Town Essay Analysis

George Town Essay 1

We would like to learn more about you. Please answer the following essay question in 750 words or less: “Why you?”

George Town Essay 1 Explanation

Even the most confident persons may succumb to fear at this question. Whether you are giving a simple or complex answer, talking about “Why you?” puts an applicant on the spot. When answering this question, it is tricky to balance the truth while picturing yourself to the best possible light to the committee. However, this scenario does not attract much doubt in your capabilities. If you apply an art to formulating your response, that will get you ahead of other applicants. First, be honest and upfront in why you are interested in this particular ability. The best possible is chalking up to a learning experience and giving the committee an idea of what you gained. Prove to the committee your growth over time. Next, stay positive and give the committee concrete reasons to back up the statement. For instance, you may desire to learn in a more team-oriented environment or one that makes the best use of a skill set.

Apart from knowing that you are not a wimp, the committee is questioning your interest in the opening. Keep your answer short and state why this opportunity may be a challenge to you. Spin the essay back to all that is important, and why you are interested in taking up the position in the school. The committee desires to know your interests and awaits a clear expression of your interest in the school. Highlight your tasks and responsibilities sparking your interest in the school, whether it is that you desire an opportunity to collaborate with other departments or study in a cross-functional team environment. Remember that this question is an opportunity for highlighting your qualities, personality, and interest as an applicant. So try to keep your answers short, honest, and positive, and you will be handing the next question successfully.