• February 9, 2016 at 6:37 pm #1274

    There are many reasons for which the US is most preferred location for education in this world. Here are some reasons:
    • Best Universities- World’s best universities with outstanding programs exists in variety of fields- starting from undergraduate program to PhD program. Universities want diverse class, so you get the opportunity to understand different cultures.
    • Educational opportunities- There are some universities which have more campuses than any other universities in any country. Some universities focus on stress board education while others on practical skills. Some other colleges give lots of importance to the arts and social sciences. Students have a variety of educational opportunities.
    • Research Opportunity- Students get a chance to gain valuable experience in research while studying. They also get the opportunity to teach and work as a research assistant in various projects. Lot of finance is provided to research programs than in other countries.
    • Scholarships/Assistant-ship /Financial aid- Most international students get financial support in the form of scholarships, teaching and research assistantships. Sometimes complete tuition fee is waived for exceptional students.
    • Infrastructure- US universities have very good infrastructure and facilities which make education easier for students.
    • Job Opportunities- US provides enough job opportunities to students than in other parts of the world.
    • High Salary- In the US the employers earn in dollars and their average sallies are nearly ten times more than employees in other countries.

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