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    If you are completely determined and have done strong preparation, then you should retake GMAT. You have to make a strategy before retaking the GMAT test.

    • Analyze what went wrong previous time and try not to repeat them.

     You reach the test center in a hurry, hence you were nervous.
     You were distracted by other test takers, and hence could not focus on the test.
     You were empty stomach and developed a headache and, hence could not focus on the test.
     You did badly on time management and hence left some questions unanswered.
     You never practiced a full length test, hence 4 hours were a bit too much for you.
     You made silly mistakes in calculation.

    • Take your next GMAT appointment wisely
     See the time you have in hand.
     Unless and until you feel you lack preparation don’t delay retaking GMAT by more than 45 days.
     You are advised to take the GMAT within 45 days of your previous test because your preparation level will come down.
     If you are out of practice for 3-4 months will make you lose interest in GMAT.

    • GMAT retaking strategy
     Since you have taken the GMAT before, you know what went wrong and where you need to improve.
     Take more full length test, 1 every week and 2 in the last week.
     If you feel you lack preparation, you should revise fundamental and try to solve difficult problems.
     If you do silly calculation mistakes, you should make sure that you should do these questions with better focus by taking 30 minute section tests.
     If you did badly on time management, then a full length test is the solution for you.

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