• November 13, 2015 at 2:53 pm #1189

    The common mistakes you should avoid before taking the GMAT test are:

    • Most people spend time more time on the first 10 questions. Remember the first 10 questions are no different- they also have the same importance as the other questions. So don’t spend excess time in solving the first 10 questions or else you have to rush through the remaining questions or omit them.
    • Sometimes applicants waste a lot of time in deciding the difficulty level of the question.
    • Do not focus only on calculus or trigonometry. In the math section you will also get questions from basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and logic and skill analysis too.
    • Do not get stuck to questions in the process of trying to answer every question correctly. GMAT exam has a penalty for unanswered questions. So if you are running out of time, then try to answer every question. If you waste time on answering a few questions perfectly and leave most of the questions, this might result in failure.
    • Sometimes applicants get stuck on a question and waste a lot of time in solving that question. You should guess and move to the next question.
    • Sometimes applicants move very fast in a section. Do not speed through a section because the admission officers look at your overall performance. Suppose you sore very high marks in the verbal section and very low in quantitative section, this might lead to rejection. So focus on every section equally.
    • Sometimes applicants memorize English idioms and grammar. You don’t need to memorize them, because the applicant only needs to be proficient in English.
    • Don’t attempt to game the exam into giving you “simple” questions so you can get a higher score. Remember that GMAT is a computer adaptive test, it will change the difficulty level of the questions based on the previously answered questions.

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