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    The common GMAT challenges and their solution.
    • Challenge- Spending excessive time for a question- You have to solve around 37 questions in 75 minutes, which is around 2 minutes for each question. Sometimes applicants take more than 2 minutes to solve a question. Most of the time when an applicant spends around 5 minutes for one question, he answers that question wrong.

     Solution- When you are not able to spend a problem, try to use some alternative methods such as picking a number, use some different logic or guess.
    If you answer one question wrong that won’t spoil your exam, but if you spend more than 2 minutes after 1 question and then try to solve other questions in a hurry or omit few questions, that will surely spoil your paper. So, you should solve per question within the allotted time.

    • Challenge- Understanding the Questions- Applicants sometimes face problem in understanding the question. In Math section, lengthy word problem is often a concern; in the verbal section, critical passages are very difficult to understand, and the Reading comprehensions can be very boring and hard to understand.
    In all the above cases, the test takers take excess time in reading and re-reading the questions, which breaks his concentration and loses focus for the same questions and the rest of the questions.

     Solution- The simple solution to this challenge is to “take notes”.

    After you read a mathematics word problem once, the precise next thing you need to do is find the relevant information and duplicate it onto your scratch paper, isolating what’s required for what is just backstory.
    After you read the Critical Reasoning question you need to summarize the content, conclusions and assumptions will lead you to find the correct answer.
    While reading the comprehensions you should try to identify specific places of the passage to find the correct answers. While reading the passage you should try to translate them in your own words, so that you will remain focused.

    • Challenge- Getting confused between potential answers- Sometimes applicants understand the paragraph and its questions but gets confused between two answers.
    In the verbal section, choosing answers for sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehensions the answers have a very slight difference. In mathematics section, data sufficiency answers can be very confusing, while calculation on problem solving questions you might face the same situation, where the answers may have very little difference between them.

     Solution- In mathematics problem solving, you should keep your calculations organized so that it will be easier for you to check your answers before you select the correct answer.
    In sentence correction, you should frame the sentence in your own words, and then review the answers to see which answer matches your answers.
    The critical reasoning and reading comprehension section is a very tricky section. In this section even a small change in word can change the meaning of the complete sentence.

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