• November 13, 2015 at 2:31 pm #1177

    You need to focus on a high GMAT score and that a high score will enhance your possibilities of admission. A high GMAT score projects you as an individual with great analytical and verbal aptitudes, both of which are important to perform well in a management program.
    If you are applying to a top MBA program, you will require a high GMAT score just to stay in dispute. You will initially need to get a decent score, and afterward work to get the other application issues right.
    The GMAT could be a standout amongst the most important factors for admission. If you have a GMAT score that is much higher than the normal GMAT score showed by the college, your possibilities of getting admission is more.
    If you are applying to a top ranked university, a good GMAT score increases your chances of admission.

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