• November 13, 2015 at 3:16 pm #1200

    If you are not being able to decide what programs you should select these are some steps you should follow:
    • The school hosted events- These can be online chats, information session hosted by the admission committee in off-campus locations. The frequency, interactivity and utility will vary by program, but they are still important to attend. Some of the most targeted events can go so far as proving insider to the topics, subjects and aspects of the program you are specifically interested.
    • School Visits- They can be a wonderful way to not only attend sessions and learn more about the schools, but also observe the culture and new ones that separate each program. When it comes to picking schools that are very similar in external factors, you will be surprised that how seemingly these little things can become.
    If you are an international applicant, it can be difficult and expensive for you. As many admission directors have told this- if the student can’t be bothered to fly out and visit before they spend $100000 intuition, then it doesn’t sound the best.
    • Interviewer, Student and Alumni- Chat with them, get them on the phone, take them out for coffee. Pick their brains- they are treasured trove insider knowledge. These conversations not only allow you to learn about the programs, but if you are interested in a career to be in right path then they can give you the required information.

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