• November 13, 2015 at 3:15 pm #1199

    There are 4 things you should keep in mind when you research about business schools.

    • Program
     Rankings- Provides a good proxy about the reputation of the program.
     Structure- Are there any cross-campuses- study abroad opportunities, or may be that school offers any specific concentration that enables your career goals.
     Statistics- The average GMAT and GPA are going to be good indicators to determine, if this program is stretched, safety or aligned school for you.

    • Career Placement
     Go beyond career reports.
     Do your research and find out if the school can get you where you want to go.
     Consider unique strengths of the school.

    • Academics
     Core and electives- Find out if the core curriculum is fixed and flexible. How many electives are offered?
     Can you customize your experience?
     Who are faculties?
     Teaching methods- Case, lecture, experiential or mix.
     Knowing how you learn best is the important first step in figuring out if this school can give you the experience and knowledge you are looking for?

    • Student Life
     Culture of the college
     Location

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