• November 13, 2015 at 3:17 pm #1202

    It depends. More specifically, it depends on the specificity of the specialization, the brand of the school and your personal career path.

    • Specificity- There are two classes of specialization. They are
     General- General in nature. For example- Entrepreneurship isn’t as specialists as saying sustainability or non- profit management.
     Specific- True specialization. The more specific specialties tend to be more tangible and applicable to employers. For Example- Marketing is great, but data science is a whole lot stronger.

    • Brand- The strengths of the specials, however sometimes depend on the brand of your school to a certain degree. If you are attending a highly ranked program getting a generic specialty matters fairly a little in the grand scheme of things. But if you are attending a lower ranked school, even the more general specialists can send a signal to employers that demonstrates your career interest, or if your school is highly ranked for a particular offering, then your specialty in that field can really tell you apart.

    • Career Path- But it also depends on your career path. For Example- You are interested in getting into banking, by the time you go through your internship you are half way through your 1st year. For schools with fixed course, you are not even through the basics. At schools where you can customize a bit more, or maybe you have taken a handful of the courses but not many, and if you do well in your internship you will end the summer with an offer. So your concentration dint even come into play.
    So think carefully by your ambitions and your career path, and how your industry will respond to specialities.

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