• November 13, 2015 at 3:18 pm #1203

    Yes. But with a bit of conflict. On one side of the debate you have people who believe rankings accurately captures your school’s capabilities, prestige and market power. On the other, you have people who think fit and culture are far more important when it comes in picking programs. Unfortunately, this has become a very polarized debate, especially in the past few years.

    • The Power of Rank- Over a longer period of time, many schools tend to stay fairly stable within their rank. One thinks rankings do a really good job of is summarizing the prestigious program in the market place. Rankings are reactionary. But there is a staying effect- the good schools tend to stay well pretty good.
    But within the rain we focus on faith and culture. For Example- Harvard isn’t for everyone neither is Wharton. Colombia and tuck are very different programs in almost every important way. Within rank the things are previously on the margin suddenly become large and important.

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