• October 18, 2015 at 2:53 pm #924

    Yes, there are few colleges in the US, where GRE is not required for admission. The list of the colleges are given below:

    • University of Dayton – GRE is optional for all engineering programs
    • Stevens Institute of Technology
    • New Mexico State University for Masters in Computer Science
    • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • University of Pittsburgh – GRE score not required for Materials Science and Engineering
    • University of Northern Virginia in Manassas, VA
    • Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana
    • MIT-Massachusetts institute of technology – Electrical Engineering and computer science do not require GRE scores
    • California State University Sacramento – don’t require GRE for Civil Engineering
    • University of Bridgeport, Connecticut – Masters of Science in Computer Science (M.S.), Computer Engineering (M.S.), Electrical Engineering (M.S.), Mechanical Engineering (M.S.), and Technology Management (M.S.) – GRE is recommended but not required
    • Farleigh Dickinson University (NJ)
    • Monmouth University (NJ)
    • Montclair State University (NJ)
    • The Richard Stockton College of NJ (NJ)
    • Rowan University (NJ)
    • Wichita State University
    • Kansas State University
    • Virginia State University
    • Florida International University for MS, PhD in Computer Science
    • Villanova University for MS in EE
    • University of Idaho for MS in Environmental science and Computer Engineering
    • West Texas A&M University
    • University of Florida for Arts Education
    • George Mason University (for Masters in Health Information Systems)
    • Revier University

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