• November 13, 2015 at 2:41 pm #1184

    Sometimes people take the GMAT as many as 5 times, still they cannot improve their scores. Here are some tips by which you can improve your GMAT scores:
    • Use your initial GMAT score as a real indicator and as a real guide for how you approach your GMAT on the second occasion.
    • You should figure out what areas are strongest for you. For Example- If you are stronger in verbal and not so strong in math, then start focusing on math because you have to improve that section.
    • Once you identify your weakness, you should take support of a tutor, or do a course. This will add structure to your preparation.
    • Working with this tutor will really develop a strategy for when and how you should approach certain areas of the exam. For Example- If math is your real challenge, how can you really piece apart geometry, for instance- such that you are taking geometry in smaller chance and really gaining a mastery of core concepts.
    • When you start working all these moving parts and really start to strengthen your verbal skills and quantitative skills, at some point in the process to just turn off the timer while taking in actual practice GMAT exam. By turning off the timer you can really push yourself to assess which areas you understood fully, and which areas, despite taking 15 minutes to try to solve a problem are the weak areas for your personal progress at this point of time.
    • Using this strategy you can develop a new game plan with your tutor to really figure out, should you just learn the concepts, or these are areas where you should just have to essentially move over or move fast when you actually take the GMAT exam
    • Finally GMAT is all about identifying your strengths and weakness.

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