Fisher Essay Analysis

Fisher Essay 1

Why do you wish to earn an MBA? Why do you wish to earn an MBA from The Fisher College of Business? How will the Fisher MBA program assist you in achieving your immediate career goals?

Fisher Essay 1 Explanation

First, connect the school to your career trajectory. Show the committee that the position makes sense for your career path. Do not give the committee the impression that the school is a stepping-stone in your career, but show them that you will make significant contributions to the school community, and the specific industry of interest. Give the committee the impression that they will feel more comfortable talking to you. Show the committee that you have invested much thought to how Fisher’s MBA program makes sense to you in the short and long term.

Next, this is your opportunity for expressing enthusiasm for the school and showing off your knowledge of the MBA offerings. While you can go on and on about how excited you are to be joining the institution, nothing beats telling the committee that you have in-depth knowledge of the offerings of Fisher’s MBA program. So take time honing your knowledge about the school, and select few factors to incorporate into your pitch to show why you are a perfect fit. Engage alumni in a conversation that enables you to learn enough to make the committee think you have been following the institution for a while.

Last, sell the committee what makes you a perfect fit for the MBA. You can achieve this in two ways; either lay more emphasis on experiences that have brought you to this point in life, or the skills that have helped you pivot a position within an industry. Pinpoint what the main part of Fisher’s MBA program entails and speak about the skills fitting you for the job. Keep this section short, as there are plenty of other sections for talking about relevant skills to the position. Focus on the skills and abilities favoring your current abilities. These three components stringed together, will impress the committee. 

Fisher Essay 2

What is the most difficult situation you have had to deal with and what did you learn from the experience?

Fisher Essay 2 Explanation

School work does not just involve daily affairs, but transcends to the difficult situations you handle daily. Therefore, any school desires to admit an applicant who is able to study and deliver well in times of difficulties that may appear in personal and professional life. The committee is assessing how you work under pressure and stress. For instance, you may answer a question on how to handle the most difficult situations by retrospecting about your previous experiences. You have to explain to the committee how you handle such a situation and the reason for choosing the approach. To achieve this successfully, strategize, acknowledge, clarify, provide resolutions, take action, and learn the results. The committee at Fisher is looking for an applicant who is able to rise above conflicts and diffuse raging emotions that leave both sides with winning solutions. In essence, the committee is looking for a person who will get along with others, while delivering the objectives of the company.

 This is your opportunity to highlight competitive advantages such as interpersonal and team work skills. The committee is gauging your maturity and the ability to keep calm, while those around you go wild. There is no obligation that your answer should give you full credit for problems solved. However, demonstrating how you engaged others in fixing the problem would come out powerfully. Dealing with conflicts professionally gives the committee a sense of how you respond to conflicts. Briefly contextualize the arising conflict, while giving just enough background. Next, talk about your approach and the actions you engaged in. If it is a conflict story, focus on resolving the problem professionally and productively. Next, give the committee the successful conclusion of your interview story. End with a description of the positive outcomes of your acts and give anecdotal and quantifiable results where necessary.