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find a phd program in us

Want to Find a PhD program? – US Offers a Distinct Advantage
Cost of a PhD in U.S
Is PhD from U.S valid in other countries?

Want to Find a PhD program? –  US Offers a Distinct Advantage

Following are the advantages of a PhD student, pursuing his/her degree in USA-

Job Opportunities

  • It is obvious that in a developed nation like the United States, where there are ample facilities for research, excellent faculty and a great environment for students to pursue their education- being a great scholar surely helps. The United States provides ample scope for post doc (post – doctoral)
  • In developing nations like India, students hardly have an idea about the post doc (post- doctoral)
  • In contrast to the nominal salaries offered in other nations, PhD scholars or post doc (post-doctoral) researchers from U.S are blessed with the highest salaries. Students after completing their PhD degree, end up getting high paying jobs, and the average annual salary can range from $60,000 – $100,000.

Maximum Exposure

  • A vast majority of the researches happens in the United States. The facilities and scope provided in the nation are unparalleled. So if you want to find a PhD program that is world class, then the United States of America should be in the top of your agenda.
  • During your undergraduate days, you might come across colleges that are not at par, but when you consider research oriented studies, like a PhD – You hardly find low ranked colleges. In other worlds, the PhD program is generally offered by the top universities, and students don’t have to worry much about the ranking of these universities.

The entire world is open to the land of opportunities – the United States. Hence, finding a post doc (post- doctoral job) is quite easy. However, if you complete your degree from other parts of the world, you might struggle a bit.

Genuine Advantage for International Students

A PhD in the United States is considered as the best in the world.  The nation attracts thousands of students from all over the world, and the institutions do not disappoint the students.

Following are some of the benefits that most international students receive, while pursuing their doctoral studies-

  • A lot of opportunities for students to excel in the field of their interest
  • A PhD degree from U.S is accepted worldwide. So, after completing a PhD degree, students can really make a name for themselves, and conduct hassle free research in any part of the world.
  • The institutions are world class and offer a wide variety of programs. So, more often than not, a PhD student will pursue a program of his/her choice. Some institutions, even give you the option to customize the programs.
  • Highly skilled faculty from all over the world want to be in the U.S, because of the offered specializations and the reputation.
  • Classes are open, conversational based and research oriented.

Facilities for International Students

Students from all around the world move to the United States to find a PhD program, and pursue their dream of getting the highest quality education. These students are not disappointed by the U.S education system, as the nation is home to a large number of foreign students.

International scholars are welcomed by the best institutions of the United States, and are provided with ample resources and facilities for completing their degree.

Advanced Education

The out of the box teaching and advanced facilities for research is one of the major reasons why one should find a PhD program in the United States.

  • US programs require coursework (~30-60 credits). A PhD student is expected to have a general background, and a genuine personal statement. Undoubtedly, a PhD from US requires sheer dedication and focus.
  • A PhD degree from U.S can take around 5- 7 Years.
  • In contrast, UK programs don’t have coursework; students are treated like the employees of an organization.

The Perfect Environment

An aspiring PhD student who manages to find a PhD program in the United States (A country that is renowned for its excellence in the field of research and development), will have a life changing experience.

  • Universities in the United states have a well-organized, pleasant environment that provides almost everything – starting from really good libraries, to the high class facilities for research.
  • To add to that, you are mentored by world-class faculty. These experienced educators can assist you in each and every step of your research.
  • You have student’s from all around the world with rich cultural diversity and background, that adds to your international experience.

The Highest Funding

Students who manage to find a PhD program in the United States are quite lucky-

  • A PhD student studying in the best universities of U.S, is blessed with complete financial stability. The funding received for the PhD is comparable to the GDP of most countries. Students are supported with a wide variety of financial support, in the form of assistantships, studentship etc.
  • Some universities in the United States offer tuition fee waiver, or even provide a fully fund the course.
  • Students are expected to provide their services (Around 20 hours a week) In exchange for the funding received from the university. The services include teaching, helping in research etc.
  • More than 40 percent of international students receive their funding’s from the institution itself.
  • A great amount of money is spent on improving the infrastructure for research. This lays a perfect foundation for students to excel in their post doc

The above mentioned facts truly play a pivotal role in shaping the standard of education in the country. It is quite obvious that a PhD from the United States of America has its own advantages. Students who are considering to pursue their doctoral studies, won’t get a better option than the United States.

Cost of a PhD in U.S

cost of phd in us An aspiring PhD student who decides to study in the United States, will have a lot of questions in mind. While, devoting time to find a PhD abroad, he/she will consider the cost of education.

So this leads to a question-

What is the cost of a PhD in the United States?

Students, who have strong academic credentials, and the much needed attributes required to excel in the field of research – decide against the idea of pursuing their PhD in the U.S.

What may be the reason?

Well, scholars mostly bother about the cost of education in the United States, and many students feel that pursuing a PhD can take a heavy toll on their bank accounts. Keeping the dilemma of brilliant scholars in mind, we will help you discover the average cost of a PhD in the US.

The cost of a PhD program will vary from one college to another. The public universities will cost you less, but the Ivy league colleges might cost you more. It is quite difficult to measure the exact cost of a PhD program, because the cost of education varies from one university to another. However, one of the best ways to determine the cost of a doctoral program is by considering the average cost of a PhD.

As per the research of the U.S Department of Education’s National Center, the average cost of a doctoral degree at public schools in the year 2013- 2014 was around $10,725 per year.

Whereas, the average cost of a PhD from a private school was around $ 22,607 per year. So, considering that a doctoral program will take you 5 years to complete, the tuition fee for a PhD program in the year 2013-2014 was in the range of $53,625 – $113,035. Depending on whether a candidate took admissions in a private or a public university, the average cost of a PhD will vary.

Note-  Students with a PhD degree from top universities of USA, manage to get high paid jobs, and work as post doc (post- doctoral) researchers. This pretty much makes up for the cost of education.

Is PhD from U.S valid in other countries?

phd in us

A PhD from the United States is one of the most respected degree in the country, but does the degree earn you’re the same amount of respect and recognition in other countries?

As far as a PhD student is concerned, getting a doctorate degree from the United States of America is undoubtedly one of the toughest propositions. Completing a degree can take up to 7 years or more, but a PhD degree from a research oriented nation like U.S, is undoubtedly an ultimate achievement.

However, before you start your research and find a PhD abroad, make sure that you consider a recognized university in the U.S. An accredited institute will surely open up a world of opportunities.

Professors from all around the world dream of a chance to get into a U.S university, due to the groundbreaking research and uncompromising facilities.

Note- It is always advisable to consider the Top 50 institutions of the United States for pursuing your PhD. It gives you the needed exposure and knowledge to excel in the field of research, and even earns you the rank of a professor at elite universities.