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mba admission process

How to get admission into a top ranked College in US?

In order to gain admission into a top ranked college in the US, one has to mandatorily satisfy the criteria set by the colleges. A lot of them can be really complicated for a student and that is the reason we at COLLMISSION have taken the responsibility of making your life easier.

The Determining Factors

  • Cracking the code - The GPA Angle


    A GPA, of around 3.5 is preferred by the top universities in the US. In countries, like India, the GPA is calculated from the scale of 10, whereas in the United States, the GPA is calculated from the scale of 4.

    You can contact us, to learn about the conversion of your GPA.

Now comes one of the most searched question on Google by MBA aspirants?

My GPA is below 3 - How do I make up for that?

  • Reposition Yourself

    We are sure that you have heard the saying ‘Old wine in a new bottle’. Or in MBA terminology, it is known as Re branding or Repositioning of a product.

    You can reposition yourself, as someone who has become more mature and wise now that what he/she was during his/her graduation years. You can also project yourself as someone who has transformed himself/herself into a dedicated and motivated individual.

  • How to project that I am a better individual than what my GPA suggests?


    Before we answer this let us take into account the following diagram and the message it is trying to convey.

    This diagram shows how living beings evolved and survived over the years on the planet. The point is pretty simple – If you have to survive amongst the crowd of students in today’s market, you have to be smart enough to show how you are better and unique in your own way.

    That’s what the COLLMISSION MANTRA is for you to be successful. Show the admissions team that - You are the smartest – You will survive.

Here is where two important things in your application process come to your rescue.

You can take the help of your essays and the recommendation letter, to highlight your level of matureness, motivation and dedication towards a particular cause in your personal life and society. These are valuable add ons which make a huge difference to your chances, so it is advisable that you should miss out on these opportunities especially when you have a weak GPA.

  • The other Dimension – GMAT

    If you have week GPA, there is no need for you to lose heart. Because if one door is closed, a window would still open for you.

    You must make it a point to score highly in GMAT. A strong GMAT score, can also make up for a weak GPA. Your GMAT score will surely demonstrate your intellectual horsepower.

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