Essay Writing


Essays are the only medium through which the admission officers get to know you. The questions asked during the interview, will depend on the type of essays you present.
The business schools will ask you to write essays on various topics. Essays are based on various aspects like-
Career goals and fit with the school.

  • Leadership attributes
  • Ethics, Teamwork and Professional Experience
  • Personal statements and philosophy
  • Career Setbacks


This type of question is asked by majority of the business schools, as they intent to know whether, it is the right time for you to do an MBA. You will be asked to define your long term goals. This will help the admission authorities to get an idea about your long term plans. Most applicants fail, as their essays are very generic and they miss out on the key points.
The admission authority may ask you to relate your professional experiences to your career goals. A summary of your resume won’t help matters-Rather your professional experiences, and your goals should be interrelated, and you must give an appropriate justification, which will help the admission authorities to derive a logical conclusion.


You will be asked to give instances where you have displayed your leadership skills. The schools will get an idea about your attitude, and the way you approach different situations. A successful presentation of an essay will depend on the content. The essay needs to be divided into three parts, i.e. the situation, your actions and the results. You must use the word limit carefully, 30 percent of your content should stress upon the situation, 50 percent should focus on your actions and rest 20 percent must justify the result.


If you are a team man, then you are the one the admission officers are looking for, your team work skills will help you to gel well with the diverse environment, and contribute to the positive environment of the business school. 


These essays demonstrate your adaptability to the professional environment. By discussing your professional accomplishments you can exhibit a lot of other key qualities like innovation, leadership and teambuilding ability. Use this opportunity to show you multi disciplinary attributes.


Business ethics is a separate course of study that has been introduced in most business schools .The admission committee will look into your thought process and integrity. They want you to understand how to approach a particular situation and deal with an ethical dilemma.


The admission committee wants to know you as a person, your individuality, perception and attitude towards different situations. You have to honestly present yourself by doing a self analysis. The officers want to check your self-awareness which will directly exhibit your level of maturity. In the later chapters you will learn about the recommendation letters. You need to ensure that your personal analysis does not contradict the views of the recommender. You must be perfectly aware about your strengths and weaknesses.

We must understand that failures are the parts and partials of life. One who accepts and learns from his/her failures can taste the sweet success. The key lies in accepting your fault, dealing with the situation and bringing out the changes to become a better product.
This essay can be divided into three categories, situationaction and result. You must understand that the admission authorities are not concerned about your failures. All they want to know is how you absorbed the situation with the right attitude and what you learnt from the situation, which will be exhibited through your actions and how you changed yourself for better, which will be evident from your results. It is rightly said “Failure is the pillar of success”.
Essays are the integral part of your application; they need to be taken seriously. Continuous revision polishes your writing, and helps you to communicate effectively. You can get rid of typos, and make your writing look professional. Multiple revisions help you find a better way to express yourself.

While you revise, you must consider the following guidelines-

  • You must capture the key points which are specific and fulfil the requirement.
  • You must stick to the word limit.
  • Never finalize an essay, which is not satisfactory.