Essay Writing Styles


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B-school essay types

We recommend you, to be direct and straightforward, because you are not applying for a master's degree in creative writing, where your English literature skills will be tested. Rather, you are applying to a business school, where the reader has to go through hundreds of essays. Therefore, keep it plain and simple.

However, this does not mean that you can submit poorly written essays. Your essays need to be structured, to the point, and must answer the question. Similarly, you need to avoid dramatic essays, hyper creative essays, because, it might get the attention of the reader, but it will complicate things for him or her, and he or she will not be able to get the answer to the question.

You don’t really want the admissions officer to sit down with a dictionary, and find out the meanings of the complex words.

As mentioned before, don't just write, but explain with relevant examples of real life situations.

For Example-

If you write “I was one of the most productive employees.”

Here the answer is haphazard, because it will create doubts in the mind of the reader or admissions officer.

The reader might think –

1.Was he or she productive?

2.What responsibilities did he or she take?

3.What was the result?

Therefore, you need give a complete answer, and justify your accomplishments with real life examples. This will stop creating doubts in the mind of the reader.

Writing styles- What to avoid?

  • You should avoid using Quotes.

    Using quotes written by others, to make your point is not advisable, as the admission officers have already come across these quotes. So, you end up wasting your valuable word limit, without creating much of an impact.

    Most importantly, the admission officers are interested in knowing your point of view. So, using someone else’s quote does not reflect well.

  • Dialogue

    It is very hard to craft an effective dialogue, So, you must strictly avoid them, as they use up your word limit.

  • Avoid repetition

    You will be asked to write 2 to 6 essays per school. Hence, you need to avoid repetition or overlapping, because repeating the same points, will not only waste your precious word limit, but also create a negative impression. The reader might also feel, that you are not sincere.

  • Passive voice

    Do not make the mistake of using passive voice, because the essay is all about you, where you are the main subject. So, the focus needs to be on your own attributes. Using the passive voice, does not reflect well.

    Let us consider an example, for our better understanding. Consider the following sentence.

    Sentence 1 - John ate the food.

    Sentence 2 - The food was eaten by John.

    Sentence 1 is active, Here, John is the main subject, because It defines the ownership of John.

    Sentence 2 is passive. Here, food is the main subject.

    Therefore, use the style of sentence 1 while writing essays. Using active voice in your essays, will add credibility to your writing.

  • Essays need to be simple.

    The admission officers are not interested to test your literature. Therefore, excessive literature can be suspicious. The reader might feel that, the candidate has taken help from an external source, for writing the essays. However, you must avoid writing on sensitive topics, like religion, money, politics, etc.

    The perception varies from one person to another. So, you must have a diplomatic approach.

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