Essay Writing Rules 


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b-school essay writting rules

Now, that you are aware about the ways to write an essay, let us discuss the various rules you have to follow, while writing an essay.

Writing Narratively.

It is important for you to understand that you are required to narrate your experiences.

Therefore, you must prefer a narrative style of writing. You are not asked to prove a theory, by writing an essay. Rather, you are trying to present your own story. Hence, giving a descriptive presentation adds authenticity to your application.

Use of the First Person

The business schools ask to write an essay, because they are interested to know about you. So, your essay must focus on your own story. Therefore, you must use pronouns like “I”, “me”, “my”. You should strictly avoid words like “one”,” he”, and, “his”.

Use of 2nd person, or 3rd person is not only irrelevant, but also wastes the valuable word count.

Keep It Simple.

Your writing should be simple, and easy to understand. Through your essays, the admission authorities want to evaluate your profile.

Moreover, you are applying to a business school, for an MBA-  not for an English literature program. Nobody is interested to know about your writing skills, or your vocabulary. The reader has to go through hundreds of essays. Therefore, you don’t want to complicate things.

Embrace The Conflict.

Real life conflict is not a good thing to welcome. However, conflicts in your application essays are very important. They keep the reader interested.

Let us consider two different cases, for our better understanding.

CANDIDATE A- named John, is a brilliant scholar, and has continuously topped in all his examinations. He has managed to score brilliantly in the GMAT, and is confident of making it to the top 10 business schools in the united states.

CANDIDATE B- named Scarlet, is not a brilliant scholar, but is an active community worker. She has come across numerous hurdles, suffered bumps, and bruises, and is fighting for a place in the top U.S universities.

If, we consider both the above situations, John enjoys a smooth ride, whereas Scarlet is a fighter. So, she can add more conflict to her essays, because she has faced a lot more challenging circumstances than John. Therefore, the essays written by scarlet will be more compelling and influencing. 

ANSWER THE QUESTION – What does it mean?

The sole motive of writing an essay, is to answer the questions asked by the business school. They don’t really care about the vocabulary, or your knowledge of literature. However, most candidates, work and re-work on their essays, in order to make it better, and ultimately change the entire meaning of an essay.

We recommend you, to focus on answering the question, and ensure that- you don’t deviate from the original topic.

Respect the Word Count

Respecting the word count, and sticking to the word limit is a must. You should not cross the word count, because it will carry a negative impression. Similarly, if you stay way under the word limit, it can work against you.

You must follow the instructions carefully, and make the best use of the word limit. Writing irrelevant stuffs, wastes words, and you will not be able to finish within the word limits. So, preparing a super summary of your essay, by jotting down the key points, will help you make best use of the word limit.

NOW, that you know the rules, you need to strategize, or plan about the ways through which you can write a perfect essay.

You need to think about the key points in your background, Like-

  • Your career highlights, professional achievements, awards, recognitions, etc.
  • You need to jot down each and every aspect, that you feel, will play an important role in strengthening your candidacy.

You must understand, that writing an essay can be a complex task, and it requires time. You will be asked to write, two to six essays per school. Most students spend weeks, and months for writing an essay. Crafting a perfect essay will require, in-depth brainstorming, and reviewing. So, you need to have ample time in hand.

You need to avoid taking help from your family members, as your family members won't be able to draw a better picture of you, because their opinion may be biased.

Even-though, it is always advisable to apply to 3 to 5 schools at a time, as it increases your chances of getting selected. You must remember that, you should work on one school at a time.

 If you write essays in a hurry, or focus on different schools at a time, then it might end up confusing you.

Hence, you must focus on one particular essay at a time, for one particular school. Importantly, if you want to apply for 3 to 5 different schools, you need to start early, as it might take a lot of time.

Coming to the word count- the reader of your essay has to go through thousands of other essays. So, you need to avoid giving him extra work. Exceeding the limit, by a long way will frustrate the reader, and your essay may get rejected without being read.

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