Emory - Gouzita Essay Analaysis

Emory-Gouzita Essay 1

Define your short-term post-MBA career goals. How are your professional strengths, past experience and personal attributes aligned with these goals? (300 word limit).

Emory-Gouzita Essay 1 Explanation

This element of the traditional personal statement defines your short-term goals post-MBA. As an applicant, Tepper is your target, because you are knowledgeable in the idea fitting your goals. Begin the essay by discussing your academic career before proceeding to your professional career with a story of how your pursued your passion, progressed through your education, and acquired new skills while progressing through your career path. After completing your MBA, which industry would you venture, and if the geography is important, include the information as well. With Tepper offering you necessary room for stating what you would like to achieve, delve into your background to develop and express your goals.

Your experiences, skills, and unique character fit into your definitions of short-term goals. While the essay length denies you the opportunity to analyze delineated elements comprehensively, try to write each point from a category that states relevance to your goals. Dwell on specificity and detail; for instance, do not just state your charisma in bringing people together, but briefly present how the quality aids in gluing a team together. Proceed to discuss the necessity to make your short term relevant, while emphasizing on short-term goals as an indication of the position you desire, in what industry, your achievements, and reasons for taking on the career. 

 Describe your standing in relation to long-term career goals before proceeding onto how the professional experience shapes your desire for choosing an MBA degree. Try to offer a succinct link between experiences, why you need an MBA, and career goals. Try to answer, “What pushes you to consider the MBA as a logical step in the next career path? What skills will the MBA give you? How does the MBA fill career gaps and put you a step towards achieving your career goals? Why are you opting for the MBA at this specific time? What is convincing you to take on this career path, and when did you acquire the skills and responsibilities?” Go into these details to give the admissions committee a peak into your aspirations.

Emory-Gouzita Essay 2

The business school is named for Roberto C. Goizueta, former Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, who led the organization for 16 years, extending its global reach, quadrupling consumption, building brand responsibility, and creating unprecedented share holder wealth. Mr. Goizueta's core values guide us in educating Principled Leaders for Global Enterprise. Provide an example of your leadership - professional or personal - and explain what you learned about yourself through the experience. (300 word limit)

Emory-Gouzita Essay 2 Explanation

For this essay, the question requires a short and snappy story describing how you took charge of a significant situation. Carefully describe the details of the essay using a straightforward approach, focusing on the actions alone. Next, reflect on one or two teachings you grasped from this leadership experience, and pick on a recent event with clear impact. While the allure of an impact of the opportunity on your work seems attractive, it is advantageous to pick on a non-work story. The non-work story should reflect your experience distinguishing your relevance and illustrating your leadership skills well. Strategically select a single topic and focus on what enhances your application.

Emory’s question is not just about amazing leadership, but how the experiences have shaped your beliefs and values. The number of words makes this a short essay, so be concise, straightforward and give the reader something to care about when reading. What is special about your approach to handling the team and your expectations? Remember that personal is important when explaining lessons learned from an experience, in relation to the leadership skills linked to professional accomplishments, personal, and communal interests. The personal lessons the admissions committee is looking for, will evaluate your community engagement, interpersonal, and teamwork skills.

When approaching the leadership skills question, write about important extracurricular accomplishments, overcoming a challenge, and an event highlighting unique experiences in your background. Maybe you have a record of club leadership throughout your college experience, and later acquired community engagement and leadership skills. Maybe you have an experience in a different cultural setting that has defined your teamwork and interpersonal skills. Whatever you choose, address its importance to you, what you have learned, and lessons from the valuable insight. Crown the essay with the impact your leadership is having on businesses and beyond.

Emory-Gouzita Essay 3

Complete one of the following statements. (250 word limit)

  • I am passionate about...
  • The best piece of advice I've received is...
  • The best day of my life was...
  • A personal goal I want to accomplish is...

Share with the committee and your future classmates a fun or noteworthy fact about you. (250 word limit)

Emory-Gouzita Essay 3 Explanation

Your preferred response question will define the easiest answer you get from these enthusiastic, authentic, and engaging questions. Pick on a question best complementing the entire application and illuminating a fresh approach. If you have something you want to surprise the reader with, try to answer the question while leaving the reader with a smile on the face. Affording applicants the option for writing a fun detail of them is an interesting option of the school. Rather than pick what comes to your mind, write on something you are personally passionate about. Go with your gut, before settling and revising the work accordingly as the essay may be a revelation for putting you in the right mood for writing other essays. In making your decision, balance professional, personal, extracurricular activities in making the appropriate choice.

Go through your profile to choose a work or non-work related approach when tackling this essay. However, be natural in your choice without pushing it to fit into your chosen purpose. Do not strain the essay to make it sound fun and it is supposed to come out naturally. Pick a facet of your life that you consider valuable to revealing your personality. Many students find the task hard to accomplish, meaning you should make surgical and straight to the point facts.      Additionally, make the essay more upfront and personal. The beliefs you hold dear will come out strikingly in the paper when you use personal experience in demonstrating your interests and strengths. Be motivated to write something you like, just as you would be motivated in working at a high-paying job you like. Pick on an essay that fits compatibly with your specific job.