Duke University (Pratt) Durham, North Carolina


Address:- 30Duke University5 Teer Building Durham, NC 27708-0271

The Edmund T. Pratt Jr. School of Engineering is located at Duke University in DurhamNorth CarolinaUnited States. It is one of ten Graduate and Professional schools at Duke. The school is best known for its Biomedical Engineering . It is a vibrant teaching and research institution that is focused on exploring the frontiers of engineering.

The Average GPA required over here is 3.5. The Average GRE (New) scores for the Verbal and Quantitative exams are 157 and 163 respectively. The Average GRE Analytical Writing required score is 3.85. The college has an impressive Acceptance Rate of 24.50%, which implies that the students applying here have a very good chance of getting admission. The Application Fee for both the In-state and Out of state applicants remains same at $80. The Tuition Fee for both the  In-state and Out of State students is same i.e $50,880.

School: Duke University (Pratt) Durham, NC

School URL: http://pratt.duke.edu/

Acceptance Rate: 24.50%

Average GPA: 3.5

Average GRE (Old):

         Verbal – N/A

         Quantitative –N/A

Average GRE (New):

     Verbal – 157

  Quantitative –163

Analytical Writing – 3.85

Application Fee:

US Resident – $80

International – $80

Tuition Fee:  

       In-State – $50,880

   Out of State - $50,880


Duke University         PHD     MS
  Biomedical Engineering  8-Dec-16 10-Feb-17
  Civil and Environmental Engineering 15-Jan-17 TBD
  chemistry 01-Dec N/A
  Computer Science 28-Dec-16 31-Jan-17
  Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science 15-Jan-17 19-Feb-17
  Electrical and Computer Engineering 01-Dec-16 01-Jan-17