DO'S in an interview

Here are some important points you need to consider for an Interview

  • Appear on time, be prepared. If you are not very sure of the interview venue do a dry on the previous day if possible,
  • Keep a copy of your CVs or other documents.
  • If possible, try to find out who will be on the panel, and then try to find out about their accomplishments, published material etc.
  • Shake hands with a firm grip (it is a sign of confidence), and always speak in complete sentences while interacting. Blabbering in short sentences will confuse you and disillusion the panel.
  • Try to allow the professor to talk more about themselves. This will help you to learn more about them and which will further put you in good stead when you identify the importance of the program.
  • Always expect the unexpected questions, and take time to think before answering and do not just blurt out something.
  • Be attentive and awake to your surroundings, and while answering make eye-contact.
  • An erect and relaxed body posture is very important.
  • While discussing your achievements and goals, maintain continuity, and not leave any missing points.
  • Make sure the answers that you have mentioned on your application form are consistent with the answers that you are giving during the interview.
  • If any question is not clear do not hesitate to ask for a clarification; remember confirmation is always better than ambiguity.
  • You are here to get into the desired program: just sell yourself.
  • Thank the interview panel after you are through the process and about to leave.