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You must know about the documents that should be presented in the consular section to prove that you will return to your home country after your U.S. academic program ends?

Every case is individual and you will want to think carefully through what will best show your commitment to your home country.

Some documents that are typically useful include those that prove you or your immediate family are involved in an established business or own a home.

The document which can be useful in presenting the intent of returning back to your country are-

Diplomas from in-country educational institutions.

Letters of reference from someone in a position of responsibility (such as a teacher) describing your community involvement.

Deeds showing land ownership.

An expired passport showing that you have travelled abroad and returned home.

Documentation related to siblings who have previously studied abroad and returned home (diplomas, letters from their employers or their current passports, etc.).

A letter from your current employer stating that your planned studies will be useful.

A letter from a company stating that you will be hired for a specific job upon return; and/or a letter from a company stating that you will be considered for a job when you return and that they need employees with the education that you will receive in the United States.

Presenting these documents, the interviewer presumes that the candidate has reasons of returning back to his country after completing the course which indirectly increases your chances of getting a VISA quicker.

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